STAY FIT with Steve
  • Steve Doody
9 episodes
Welcome to the STAY FIT with Steve podcast, where we take complicated subjects in the fitness industry and make them easier to understand. We want you to get fit and STAY FIT.


You deserve better
2019 Feb 0540m 57s
What do I have to do to convince you that you deserve better from your diet?
How are you getting on?
2019 Jan 1745m 48s
Hey lads, listen.. how are you getting on? Seriously?
#9 Are you Resisting
2018 Sep 1114m 52s
Let’s Go
2018 Sep 0215m 45s
Episode 7: Transformations
2018 Aug 1618m 46s
Keep Going
2018 Jul 3128m 39s
Get Shit Done
2018 Jun 126m 16s
I recorded this just for you after my session tonight in taekwondo with really sore legs after running a 1/2 marathon for the first time.
2018 May 1125m 33s
Steve and Dean talk about alcohol, starting training and what it can be like as a guy at the start.
2018 May 0736m 31s
Steve chats to Mairead about what its like starting out training as a woman. STAY FIT with us and we'd love to hear your thoughts. Get in touch anytime!