Good Girl Gone Wife: The Podcast
  • Alex Green
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Good Girl Gone Wife #3: Miscellaneous
2013 Jun 18
EPISODE 3 Having no one to talk to never stopped me from talking – this week, I talk alone for over a half hour about whatever’s on my mind! SPOILER ALERT: LOTS of random!
Good Girl Gone Wife #2: C25K
2013 Jun 10
Episode 2 This week, I’m joined by Ashley from Sweaty Girl in a Fur-Covered World ( We talk about how the Couch to 5K program has made her into a runner. We discuss our (very different) gym experiences, and Ashley’s lack of coordination. We even occasionally make references to things nobody else will understand, because […]
GOOD GIRL GONE WIFE Episode #1: THE GYM (w/Jess Poor)
2013 May 30
EPISODE 1 On the inaugural episode of Good Girl Gone Wife, Alex sits down with her pal Jess Poor (@JessBeesKnees) to discuss their adventures at two different Planet Fitness locations! The workouts, the fashion, the…bowel movements? Check out the blog at