Shit's Gettin' Real
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A unique take on current events, hot topics, world news and pretty much all the things one needs to know! Join us every Sunday for an hour of fun, great guests and discussing real issues!


2020 Sep 2148m 7s
That's it. That's the episode.
Only You Can Prevent Gender Reveal Parties
2020 Sep 141h 2m 37s
This week, the duo discusses gender reveal parties and Donald Trump lying about COVID-19 to American journalist Bob Woodward. Plus, Amnesty International requests Disney's Human Rights Due Diligence report... Yikes.
Becky with the Good Vote
2020 Sep 0756m 39s
After a two-week hiatus, Christian and Eva are back to discuss the DNC and RNC convention, The tragic loss of Chadwick Boseman. Also, the duo discusses what has kept them busy during lockdown.
Biden, Beirut and Belarus, Oh My!
2020 Aug 1752m 3s
Our thoughts on Biden selecting Kamala Harris as his VP, tragedy in Beirut and a political uprising in Belarus.
Progressive Christians, Get in Formation
2020 Aug 1059m 19s
The only podcast you'll hear about WAP, Kanye West + Trump and author / Deacon Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons. The Just Faith: Reclaiming Progressive Christianity author stops by to discuss the real shit regarding Christianity and politics.
Gen Z, and the Z is for Zealous
2020 Aug 041h 3m 52s
Christian + Eva discuss Black is King and Beyoncé, the arrest of the "mastermind" behind the most recent Twitter hack and Oprah becomes politically active.
If It Don't Make Dollaz, It Don't Make Census!
2020 Jul 2758m 59s
Baseball is back, Christian and Eva talk religion and fill out the 2020 Census!
Good Trouble While Not Getting Played By the Boy
2020 Jul 2059m 41s
'Hare' to the Playboy enterprise Cooper Hefner launches his political career, UK bans Pakistani International Airlines and Christian and Eva reflect on the life and legacy of civil rights leader John Lewis.
#Goyaway ICE, Trump and Kanye!
2020 Jul 1256m 40s
Kanye West announces presidential run, San Francisco supervisor introduces ‘CAREN' Act to outlaw racially motivated 911 calls and ICE tells F1 Students to Leave US (If School is Online-only). Plus, we are telling Goya foods to #Goyaway!
2020 Jul 061h 1m 8s
Donald Trump turns seeks assistance from a California tech company to build his border wall, the heartbreaking murder of Vanessa Guillen, and #FreeTheFamilies; A call to free families locked up in  ICE operated "detention centers."