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All things life!!! Our take on societal norms, independence, maturity, dating, and pop culture, with a little sprinkle young adult misfortune for some extra spazaz😭 Get to know us & our views on life as we know it as we spear through our 20s 🤪. Hosted by Cleo and Violet Follow our social media @cleoviolet20 for Instagram 📷 and 20 Something Podcast for our YouTube page. If you enjoy the show share with it your friends and family 🙏🏽 Email us at cleoviolet20@gmail.com for requests, suggestions, or any type of comments. We would LOVE to hear your feedback!❣️


S3E7: When is it Time to Cut Out People Out of Your Life? Part 2
2020 Sep 231h 30m 37s
Don’t worry you guys, we have the other half of the episode here! If you haven’t listened to part one of this conversation go and do so before tuning into this one.
S3E7: When is it Time to Cut Out People Out of Your Life? Part 1
2020 Sep 231h 13m 9s
Hint hint....*listen to your gut!! In today’s episode we use personal experiences to identify where we draw the line in a friendship. Tune in to hear about some epic fall outs and how we know when a friendship is at its wits end.
S3Ep6: You Just Pee’d in my PUSSY?!?!!.........
2020 Sep 171h 53m 44s
Men giving women relationship advice!....honestly sounds like a recipe for disaster huh 😅 Today we’ve discussed common relationship tips and found entertainment in the worst sexual experiences twitter had to offer.
S3Ep5: Unfortunate Events Vol. 3: The Homicidal Roommate 😨
2020 Sep 101h 52m 11s
Tune in as we recount our personal plight against deranged, dirty, and disgusting living partners in this epic battle of wills. College roomies can either make or break your experience 🙃 so if u have the choice, please choose wisely!
S3Ep4: You Want Head from your Barber?!- Happy Endings 😌
2020 Sep 031h 39m 7s
Tune in to hear what we think about Happy endings in the service industry. And we briefly discuss how we feel about sugar daddies and dating older men 🤭
S3Ep3: What To Watch~ Sex Education (Netflix Series)
2020 Aug 261h 55m 50s
We are honored to introduce a new segment to the show!! Today we share one of our favorite shows on Netflix with you! Sex Education 😆😆 Tune in as we rave about all the amazing aspects of the show that we rate a 10/10! And if you are thinking about watching it BEWARE for the spoilers ahead 🙊
S3Ep2: the Internet has Lost it’s FUCKING Mind
2020 Aug 191h 43m 6s
From the tiktokers being blatantly racist to the culture vulturing, we had our hands full today! Tune in to see what we think about the latest internet “controversies” and how they translate to the real world.
S3Ep1: Stop Expecting Celebs to Raise YOUR Kids
2020 Aug 121h 55m 51s
We are so excited to be back!!! Today we hit on a ray of topics, ranging from Black Lives Matter to the memefication of black woman’s suffering and finally to the policing of our art.
S2E13: Finale- Can You Really Be Pro-Black and Still Date Interracially 🤨
2020 Apr 081h 38m 23s
For the season finale we decided to answer the reoccurring question of what it really means to be pro black and all it entails. We move on to talk about the Ari Lennox and Snoop Dogg insta shade and the #snowbunny TikTok trend. We love you all 🥰 Thank you guys so much for the support! We’ll be back for S3 in a few weeks💙💜
S2Ep12: “Is It Wrong to Make-out with My Sibling?” Ask Cleo&Violet #Advice2
2020 Apr 022h 16m 12s
During this isolation period you can either swim or float within that rocky relationship that you’re in. So today we’ve brought to what NOT do in your relationship and some heartfelt advice on how to get yourself outta a sticky situation if you so happen to find yourself in one 😉 Question Credits: @Sixbrownchicks and the internet