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The Beneath The Lamp Podcast is a place for exploration. Chris, Eric, and Justin discuss a wide range of topics using their unique combination of experience, knowledge, and snark.


Episode 16 - Science Fiction: Convenient Coincidences, Tropes, and Minutiae
2020 Aug 1237m 59s
Chris, Justin, and Eric travel across parts of the science fiction universe in this episode. Beginning with a gripe about the 'convenient coincidence' used too frequently, they continue into the pros and cons of Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, and other science fiction series that don't include 'star' in their titles. For more of our podcasts, please check out:
Episode 15 - Reflections on Travel
2020 Aug 0533m
In this meandering episode, Chris and Justin discuss travel. For work, for pleasure, and how travel has changed for them over the years. For more episodes:
Episode 14 - Nostalgia, Turning 40, and Gen X
2020 Jul 2137m 48s
Chris, Eric, and Justin discuss nostalgia, the role it has played in their lives as middle-aged professionals, and what it looks like to be born on at the end of a "generation". Find more podcasts at:
Episode 13 - Confession
2020 Jul 1031m 8s
Justin and Eric delve into the realm of politics and discuss their worldview and how they came to find peace and consistency in a seemingly unpopular place.
Episode 12 - Car Culture: The New, The Old, and The Unchanging Nature of Humans
2020 Jul 0228m 35s
Chris, Eric, and Justin discuss the ins and outs of falling in love with cars, what it takes to stay true to a specific culture associated with a car, and how different people tend to gravitate so similar autos.
Episode 11 - Sports: The NFL, MLB, and What it Means to Cheer for the Vikings
2020 Jun 2549m 50s
Justin and Eric talk about their favorite sports, sport franchises, the future of sports in the age of COVID, and how cheering for the Vikings requires immense amounts of cynicism. Find the rest of our podcasts at:
Episode 10 - Satire: TV, Stand Up, and Memes
2020 Jun 1832m 17s
Chris, Eric, and Justin finish their discussion on satire by covering how it's used in television, stand up comedy, and memes. You can find the other episodes on satire at
Episode 9 - Thoughts on 90's Music
2020 Jun 1136m 23s
Chris, Eric, and Justin discuss what it is about 90's music that differentiates it from music in other decades. Can bands from the 90's re-invent themselves in later years? Should Dave Matthews have a year-round Sirius channel? Can Eric be trusted to rationally address any of this?
Episode 8 - Discussing Satire: Movies
2020 Jun 0536m 27s
Eric, Chris, and Justin discuss examples of satire in movies and contrast with how satire is used in books. There are several examples of classic satire in film discussed with can be found on the show notes page at:
Episdode 7 - Summer Fun: What Do We Do in the Upper Mid-West?
2020 May 2529m 42s
Chris, Eric, and Justin discuss their favorite outdoor activities for the summer season. They cover mountain biking, falling off of mountain bikes, how to best kill an unwanted lawnmower, frolf, and more! Check out the rest of our podcasts at