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Just two girls trying to make the most of their 20s✨


Episode 18 - Strictly Business
2020 Aug 0222m 11s
Anika & Amanda are back to discuss working from home, as well as provide some tips & tricks.
Episode 17 - Dealing with COVID
2020 Jul 2625m 42s
Anika and Amanda get real about COVID and how it can be challenging to deal with at times. A special guest joins us to share their experience as an RN in Florida.
BONUS: Happy Hump Day!
2020 Jul 1532m 5s
Today, Anika and Amanda stop by to say hello and check-in on each other.
Episode 16 - The Future of College
2020 Jul 1225m 1s
Colleges and universities across the country are being challenged for the first time trying to navigate bringing back students, faculty and professors back to campus in Fall 2020.
Episode 15 - Hot Takes
2020 Jul 0523m 26s
Anika and Amanda go head to head on their unpopular opinions, including Amanda's dislike of cake, and Anika's true feelings on white claws. They discuss their takes on nightlife, TV shows, sports, music and food of course. We all have them, and we'll share some of yours too.
BONUS - Fries & Guys
2020 Jul 0126m 39s
Today's episode is brought to you by @bel.fries, also known as the newest and hottest french fry spot in NYC. Anika and Amanda bring on a special guest to share how the Bel-fries idea came to fruition, what it’s like to open a restaurant during COVID, and the strategy behind the french fry toppings and sauces.
Episode 14 - Happy Quarantine Birthday!
2020 Jun 2823m 6s
In today’s episode, Anika discusses the minimum requirements on hosting a pregame including beverages, food, games and most importantly, the guest list. Amanda shares how she strategically planned a successful surprise party for Anika’s 23rd last year, as well as tips on how to execute a virtual zoom birthday party.
Episode 13 - #Tell5Challenge
2020 Jun 2126m 25s
Today’s discussion is on exercising, eating and the #Tell5Challenge. Amanda shares her first half marathon experience, and Anika tells us how she convinced her boyfriend to do it with her. Lastly, the girls discuss the future of gyms as they begin to reopen, workout apps, as well as dining in NYC.
BONUS - Men Tell All...First Dates and Dating Apps
2020 Jun 1723m 47s
Tune in to hear 2 more men share their extremely different perspectives on first dates and dating apps.
Episode 12 - Men Tell All...First Dates and Dating Apps
2020 Jun 1422m 29s
Following the Women Tell All episode, Anika and Amanda only felt it was fair to bring on two men to share their side of the story.