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Free-associative, organic conversation with friends around the cosmic neighborhood: A Remixed Mister Rogers savvyAngeline sound healing production. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/savvilyplay/support


Coming home.
2020 Aug 2827m 38s
If you’re struggling with belonging right now || it’s because you’ve been asked to create a new 🌎 i invite you to *support* local artists who create from the juicy fecundity of aliveness and mind-heart. GameON // soundON bishes - a new virtual reality explodes (hint: every single one of us create it right here and N O W).
I know nothing, and, I like it that way.
2020 Jul 2826m 13s
The wondrous @joehinchliffe, from across the pond, and I get into Jim Rohn’s //  Bruce Lee’s “be like water” (when possible). Emptying out your cup (by writing) so you may refill and replenish yourself, *then* others, on the daily.
Ppl will judge, VOICE your Power, anyway!
2020 Jun 1430m 21s
As one privileged white, CIS-gendered wombyn, and, self-healer, psychologist, bad-ass: Phoenix Rising (@the.art.of.self.healing) and I, your host, Sound Artist: Savanna Angeline (@savvilyplay), play with everything from boundary work to attachment theory to ancestral, trans-generational trauma healing to how savvy sound bath meditations elevate collective awareness (in various settigns) that shift space for oppressed, disnefranchised communities, i.e., persons of color, wombyn, et al. Tune ON ;-) to find out the big key to all of this; hint: it's balancing one of the chakras. Subscribe to soundON for as little as $0.99/month to support free and empowered individuals like yourself.
PowerBreathe into Liberating Yourself and Others
2020 Jun 0731m 5s
My beloved Bard High School Early College friend, Sreeg @theauspiciouseye and I get into the karmic, spiritual practice of life. We do all the listening, feeling, and witnessing of each other, and, soundON how the collective ‘we’ can be with one another differently, especially, in honor of those who’ve been brutally silenced (George Floyd, Tony Mcdade, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, just to name a few on the unjustly long list #BLM , #PoliceReform.
Voice Your Power, even if you shake
2020 Jun 0228m 1s
I speak with the deliciously intelligent, articulate, and lovely Anmol about boundaries, George Floyd, being a CIS-gendered wombyn in 2020, Friday, June 5 | 12:00-12.30p ET - Pay what you wish @savvilyplay via Instagram I’ll be hosting a Sound Bath Meditation Production: “Liberating George”. All proceeds will be donated to George Floyd’s family: gofundme.com/f/georgefloyd
Get in the Tub, Step Into Your Power
2020 May 2931m 8s
It sometimes takes horseradish vodka shots with Leon Botstein to get your powerfully beautiful ass in THAT tub (of life) in order to REBIRTH yourself and others — but dammit, someone’s gotta do it! Major shoutout to @mama_yb @doulachana @bardearlycolleges @bhsecalumni @bardmanhattan @bardcollege @bardalumni @sumistouch
Power of the Pivot w/ @toldnuggets
2020 May 2328m 44s
@toldnuggets and I get into the beautiful power of pivoting. Pivots exist on a spectrum. Micro to macro pivots and shifts - when you’re ready - in due time.
soundON (Trailer)
2020 May 1648s
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