The Mediocre girl
  • sara max
12 episodes
The mediocre girl is a podcast made to publish the ideas and the point of view of an average middle eastern woman. What she faces daily in life and her struggles. I am your host Sara ezz.


the origin of halloween ( samhain )
2019 Nov 058m 28s
How did we get the Halloween we know now
Are we free?
2019 Oct 254m 34s
Freedom theory
Am I a bully ?
2019 Oct 187m 20s
A question that we all need to ask our selves
A break up
2019 Oct 117m 15s
What you should do after a break up and how to get over it. Steps and my own personal experience
I am a witch
2019 Oct 045m 2s
What a witch is? Do you believe in witchcraft.
The art of being a bitch
2019 Sep 267m 18s
My personal experience with bitchy people and how my friend Turned to one of them .
2019 Sep 197m 31s
This episode to give details about abortion and how its 100% the choice of a woman to keep the pregnancy or not.
Is the grass really greener on the other side?
2019 Sep 128m 43s
How we are always thinking what if I had this and that and we forget to start working with what we already have we west alot of our time, Winning over things we can't change .
Speak up tell the whole world what's going on with you
2019 Sep 039m 1s
Esraa gareeb a young woman killed for using Instagram. Honor kills against women happens everyday and no one is doing anything about it, it's in our hand to stop it by telling the whole world what's happening. Ps: the episode is with out back ground music because it's not appropriate.
We are beautiful
2019 Aug 268m 43s
We ( men and women ) are beautiful the way we are we shouldn't be forced to do anything we don't want to please others.