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  • Mary Donnelly
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Christian women inspiring women through their personal stories


When you don't know which end is up!
2019 Oct 3015m 12s
Have you ever felt disoriented? Maybe a few things that are the standard foundations of your life have shifted and changed. Or, perhaps you've experienced a sudden and drastic change, such as an unexpected diagnosis or sudden loss.
A conversation about identity
2019 Oct 0320m 40s
Where does our sense of identity come from? If you are like me and know your identity in Christ on an intellectual level but have struggled to live like you believe it, then I hope my own story will encourage you today!
Identity Gap
2019 Oct 0118m 1s
There is a gap between knowing, on an intellectual level, what our identity is or where it is found, and actually living it out. Tune in to this episode as I discuss how we can truly live from a place of believing we are who God says we are.
Coffee & Conversation with Monique Ciccarone
2019 Sep 1118m 52s
Listen in as Monique shares with us how she learned what it means to give her children to God.
First Enneagram Group Coaching Session Follow Up
2019 Sep 089m 11s
A follow up to our first group Enneagram Coaching Session.
Coffee & Conversation with Anna Benedict
2019 Aug 2921m 43s
Have you ever wondered what your true purpose is? Maybe you have found a sense of purpose in what you do verses who you are.
Coffee & Conversation with Marnie Wells
2019 Aug 2210m 18s
Has God ever changed your direction and your plans? Listen in as Marnie shares how she learned to give up control and allow God to take the driver's seat of her life.....He had a better plan!
Coffee & Conversation with Diane Arsenault
2019 Aug 2210m 43s
Who are you when you've lost everything that you think defines you? Diane shares with us how she came to learn her true identity as a loved daughter of God.
Coffee & Conversation with Monique Ciccaroni
2019 Aug 2221m
Monique and I discuss how God took care of her and her 2 young children after the sudden loss of her husband.  God asked Monique to do something big. Tune in to find out what he asked, how Monique responded and how it impacted her children to this day.
Coffee & Conversation with Judy Johnson
2019 Aug 2221m
Judy shares that it's through the grief and loss of her 23 year old daughter to cancer, that she really came to know the God she served.