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A show designed to highlight those who MAKE IMPACT off the record. Often those who make the biggest impact are right in front of you, one can say simply behind the scenes. This content is built to talk about topics such as Entrepreneurship, life,


2020 May 0219m 10s
Thank you for sticking around with us for this long! It’s been a long time coming. Check out a snippet of our first collection of talks. Adam Graham and Johnny Valdez talk about the heart of, "Off the Record". Enjoy!
The journey starts with you. With Esteban Perez
2020 May 0115m 26s
Esteban Perez offers insight into his life altering journey and how he overcomes challenges on a daily basis. You might be overthinking it.
What is impact?! With Selah Binno
2020 Apr 3033m
Selah Binno, a successful entrepreneur and humanitarian in San Diego helps us navigate during these unprecedented times. What is impact? What is actually essential? Tune in!  You might be doing all the right things.