The Process of Creating Before Creating
  • Natascha Koeppen
42 episodes
A podcast dedicated to art and the creative process I go through in its creation Support this podcast:


2020 Jul 143m 40s
A larger bridge.
2020 Jul 123m 38s
Challenge treehouse. I dint go from my imagination in this one.
Little red and the wolf
2020 Jul 124m
Challenge favorite fairytale or fable.
2020 Jul 106m 8s
Challenge mythical creature. I talk about the research for drawing these types of creatures.
2020 May 074m 33s
Moving water challenge.. this time harder than I thought.. have to remember to keep it simple.
Spooky ghost
2020 May 063m 36s
Challenge something spooky. When thinking spooky try and remember that you want to go to the cute side of scary.
2020 May 053m 54s
Something blue. I will enjoy people proving my bf wrong and trying to find blue food.
Self portrait
2020 May 045m 23s
Challenge self portrait. Second time around is better than the first. Improvement over time when you can see it is a wonderful thing.
Bat and cat
2020 May 033m 55s
Challenge Favorite holiday. It is kinda odd drawing your favorite holiday during almost the polar opposite time for it...
2020 May 024m
Something you miss... Snow... that first snow fall is just so majestic to watch when your inside with a hot chocolate.