The Picky Eater Podcast
  • Mario n Jackie
16 episodes
Two friends, one a picky eater, the other not, go on a culinary journey of growth and general tom-foolery.


16. Peking Duck
2020 Jan 2252m 2s
New year, new ep, same guys trying food cause one of them was a picky eater for most of their adult life. This week it's that classic story. Boy meets duck, duck meets boy, boy eats duck and gives their opinion on it. In addition to their thoughts on Peking Duck House, Mario and Jackie chat earthquakes, not being allowed to dislike things, and Cici's Pizza. Something for the whole family!
15. PEP Special: Return to S'Mac with Sarah
2019 Nov 271h 40m 27s
The year was 2016. Mario and Jackie go to Sarita's Mac and Cheese (S'Mac) with new friend, Sarah Hubner. What would follow would be an evening of strong food opinions and tense macaroni consumption. For today's special the Picky Eater Podcast team revisit the scene of the crime. What went wrong? Have their perspectives shifted? Is there such a thing as too much mac and cheese? The answer to that last one is yes, but you'll have to listen to know the rest. Happy Thanksgiving!
14. Oysters with Rachel
2019 Nov 101h 13m 54s
The Picky Peeps return from a long hiatus due to work and general laziness to take on a delicacy from the deep. Joining them this week is Rachel Biddle. Biddle is an oyster lover and does everything in her power to convince the boys of this mollusk's merits. Will she succeed or will Mario and Jackie send this dish 20,000 leagues under the sea?
13. Halal Food
2019 Sep 301h 2m 4s
Let's get permissibleeeeeeeeee!!! The Picky Ones pay tribute to the ancient practice of Halal and even learn a thing or two along the way. Also, Jackie has a new favorite soda, Mario does his Rick and Morty impressions, and a wild card hummus enters the fray. Lot going on, eh?
12. Hamburgers
2019 Sep 1947m 8s
The meal that started the show. Mario grills up his signature cheeseburgers while keeping Jackie in the dark on one mystery patty. Here is a hint. "The old man and the sea. The old part." - Mario
11. Popcorn
2019 Aug 301h 14m 13s
Pop-pop! Act II, Orville Redenbacher, and Skinny Pop face off in a battle of microwave supremacy. Is Jackie wrong in saying popcorn is one of the worst snacks ever or is there a kernel of truth in this hot, buttery take?
10. PEP Special: Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, or the People vs. Chick-fil-A
2019 Aug 2354m 4s
Trust us when we say these boys aren't too chicken to get topical. Popeyes has officaly stepped into the chicken sandwich arena with an item previously only found in Puerto Rico and directly challenging its top competitor in the process. Is this Louisiana based chain finally poised to take down Chick-fil-A, or is this guilt-free alternative just not up to snuff?
9. Puerto Rican Fare?
2019 Aug 1547m 37s
MARIO IS BACK!!! The Puerto Rican Stallion returns from his motherland with a bouquet of his favorite dishes. Will these island treats please a picky palate or not? Tune in to find out!
8. Jerky with Noah
2019 Aug 0852m 3s
With Mario on vacation, Jackie calls upon a super special guest (it's Noah again) to chew the fat about big brand jerky. Plus, the boys keep the testosterone flowing with a special review of Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Oakland Raiders. Which rookies are they loving? Which rookies are they hating? Who on the team tried to cut off his deceased father's head? Tune in to find out! (To skip sports talk, jump to the 18-minute mark.)
7. Hot Sauce with Liv
2019 Jul 241h 29m 53s
Mario and Jackie are joined by their friend and hot sauce aficionado, Liv Dei Dolori to review a condiment adored by some and feared by others. Can you handle the heat?