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It’s Now Time to Enter The Promise Land!
2020 Sep 168m 42s
This is the time your have always been waiting for! It’s time to enter in...
Don’t Miss Your Season!
2020 Aug 226m 31s
God regularly schedules seasons of growth, change and prosperity for you, don’t be left out!
The Pool of Bethesda
2020 Jun 267m 53s
Are you laying around the pool? Your time to get healed is NOW!
Holidays Series: The Man with The Deformed Hand
2020 May 308m 50s
A miracle is waiting for you!!
The Holidays Series: The Man Who was Swollen
2020 May 265m 38s
The stubbornness and thinking of others may be keeping you sick!!
Going to the Promised Land
2020 May 229m 15s
Consider that our time of deliverance is near!
Holiday Series: The Crooked Woman
2020 May 178m 1s
You can learn from a dear sweet woman!
2020 May 126m 26s
Compare the disciples situation with ours during the 2020 Pandemic
Who’s report will you believe?
2020 Mar 235m 45s
What to do during this quarantine!
Commanding Your Health!
2019 Dec 026m 10s
Get the result you want with your health issues