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Welcome to Self Love and Sweat The Podcast with Lifestyle Transformation Coach Lunden Souza.

What would your life be like if you STOPPED COMPARING and instead started LOVING on yourself & LIVING YOUR DREAM LIFE?!

Lunden shares her experience and insights, from over 13 years in the health & fitness industry, as well as talks with people from all over the world, from all walks of life on how they are able to silence the noise, believe in their capabilities, bust out a sweaty workout and be on their way following their hearts and bringing their unique gifts to the world.

Self Love & Sweat The Podcast is the place where you will get inspired to live YOUR life unapologetically, embrace your perfect imperfections, break down barriers and do what sets your soul on fire!

Lunden Souza is a former personal trainer turned International Online Lifestyle Transformation Coach. She is passionate about positivity and helping YOU get out of your comfort zone!

Are you absolutely serious & ready to get off the hamster wheel and UP-LEVEL your life? Are you ready to live a life full of FREEDOM, LOVE & ABUNDANT ENERGY?

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#19 Staying Fit & Healthy with 5 kids feat. Julia
2020 Jun 0249m 31s
Lunden talks with her Crossfit Coach & friend, Julia. Julia is a wife, mom of 5 kids, Dance Fitness & Crossfit Coach...what an incredibly motivating power woman (to say the least!) How does she do it? We're going to find...
#18 Breaking Through A Plateau
2020 May 2815m 54s
"What happened, why am I not getting results anymore?" Are you doing something "wrong" or is your body trying to tell you something? Here's what Lunden has to say about breaking through the dreaded...
#17 Self Doubt & Breaking Under Pressure
2020 May 1923m 21s
"Am I doing this right? Am I doing enough? Should I be doing more of this or that?" Lunden answers a listener question she received in her Instagram DM's from Anna from the Czech Republic. How to silence the noice, overcome self doubt and continue to...
#16 Running YOUR Race feat. Runningbrina
2020 May 1238m 52s
With 5 marathons & 20+ half marathons under her belt, Lunden chats with Sabrina aka @runningbrina about her running journey. What it's like knowing hundreds of thousands of people are following you? How do you deal with self doubt & comparison?...
#15 What running has taught me
2020 May 1232m 34s
You'll get a good laugh out of this one even if you're not into running. Lunden shares how she got started running and how it changed her life. Some funny, sometimes painful, running stories...
#14 What workout should I do today?
2020 May 0514m 4s
5 questions you can quickly ask yourself when trying to decide what to do for a workout. Many people decide not to do a workout because they don't know what to do - don't let that be...
#13 Energy booster
2020 Apr 2835m 34s
Lunden shares 7 strategies that have helped her supercharge her energy and setup compassionate expectations for herself.
#12 Staying Motivated
2020 Apr 2117m 28s
How do you stay so motivated? What do you do to boost your motivation? Lunden shares 4 points with you that have changed the way she thinks about & approaches...
#11 Quarantine Feels feat. Gia Sinatra
2020 Apr 1736m 51s
Longtime friends Lunden & Gia talk about how their handling life in quarantine & days when you're feeling "meh!"
#10 5 Components to an Amazing Workout Routine that STICKS
2020 Apr 1125m 19s
Stop starting over! Learn the 5 components that have allowed Lunden to stay CONSISTENT with her workout routine for a decade!