Tell Me Your Health Care Stories
  • River
4 episodes
Monthly podcast about people's healthcare stories! Sometimes explicit language is used. My goal is threefold: 1) transform healthcare trauma via storytelling, 2) to bring attention to a toxic hierarchical system that prioritizes provider knowledge over collective and individual body knowledge, and 3) build a healthier healthcare system. My goal is not to call out individual providers, but rather to bring attention to the system. Help me seek out, co-create, and cultivate those systems, people and ways of being that can lead us to health! I am always open to constructive feedback, input and more healthcare stories – feel free to write to me at I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. - River


1 Brittney's Story
2020 May 011h 15m 32s
Story notes for Brittney Episode 1Obviously feel free to skip any content that you don’t feel like hearing for whatever reason <3. Timestamps:0:00:01 – poignant excerpt from conversation.0:00:21 – Intro music.0:00:45 – Disclaimers.0:04:45 – TMYHCS...
Episode 2: River's Poems, a minisode
2020 May 017m 9s
Reach me at tmyhcs@gmail.comOr on Facebook at sign before May 4 to help keep Mashpee land sovereign! Timestamps:00:30 Content warning01:25 “Home” – in honor...
2020 Apr 263m 13s
Hello, and welcome to my trailer! So, this is going to be my very first episode. My name is River Andres, and I use they/them pronouns. I am a nonbinary white person. I live with my partner Joe and three cats. In fact, I think one of them just walked...
Trailer for Tell Me Your Health Care Stories
2020 Jan 143m 13s
Trailer for my podcast