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Non-traditional REITs (Ezien Hoo)
2020 Sep 247m 56s
These REITs capitalise on opportunities but for whose benefit and at whose expense? Tune in to find out more.
Under pressure (Howie Lee)
2020 Sep 223m 27s
With the building risk-off momentum, we think energy and industrial metals are under pressure.
RMB - still room to strengthen (Terence Wu)
2020 Sep 226m 47s
In this podcast, we touch on the developments on the Sino-US front and the on-track macro recovery in China as positives for the RMB. Further details and other positives, such as a seeming shift in official stance towards the RMB and yield differentials, are covered in our recently published FX Viewpoint - RMB: Still room to strengthen, available on our research website.
Staycation Salvation: Can domestic travellers save ASEAN tourism? (Wellian Wiranto)
2020 Sep 168m 23s
Given the imposition of cross border travel restrictions, the tourism industry across ASEAN countries has suffered a tremendous hit. Into the void comes the idea that domestic travellers, who cannot venture abroad, may offer some salvation in the meantime, bolstered by government stimulus incentives. We examine the potential for such help in a few countries here.
Hospitality issuers – credit outlook (Ezien Hoo)
2020 Sep 157m 51s
In March and April, we lowered the issuer profile of hospitality issuers under our coverage as international borders started closing, along with dampening travel demand. Five months on, how have SGD hospitality bond issuers fared? In this podcast, our credit research analyst, Ezien Hoo, discusses the opportunity and risks within this SGD bond sector.
Commodities Tuesday (Howie Lee)
2020 Sep 153m 16s
Energy, base metals, agriculture - that is how we rank our bullishness among the sub sectors, in ascending order. Listen to find out more!
A Biden administration may not be as USD-negative as you think (Terence Wu)
2020 Sep 117m 21s
We are often led to believe that a Republican president will be USD-positive due to the perception that the president will more likely bring US macro outperformance. Historically, we find no systematic relationship between the USD performance and the winning president's party. Instead, we should consider whether a Trump or a Biden administration is better placed to address the current USD-negative drivers. Taking this approach suggests that a Biden administration may not be as USD-negative in the near term as you may believe.
Commodities update: What's performing and what's sagging? (Howie Lee)
2020 Sep 083m 10s
Metals continue their run up, while energy sagged on a series of negative news. Agriculture looks like it may be the next outperformer.
A grimmer 2020, but brighter days ahead in 2021? (Selena Ling)
2020 Sep 084m 57s
The latest MAS survey of professional forecasters (SPF) shared some interesting insights, namely the worst is likely over, but the Singapore economy will still see a severe 2020 recession with GDP growth likely to shrink 6% yoy. However, there may be a sharp growth bounce of 5.5% in 2021, notwithstanding the familiar risks of an escalation in the Covid-19 pandemic and US-China tensions. Consequently, the mild disinflationary environment should subside and revert to positive inflation prints next year. The policy implication is that MAS is likely to be static at the upcoming monetary policy review in October.
Clarity on interest rate outlook and a solid end to the month for credit (Andrew Wong)
2020 Sep 046m 58s
OCBC Bank Credit Analyst Andrew Wong shares in this podcast recent developments in the credit market and the interest rate outlook. He expects credit market activity to remain brisk in September and that issuers will begin to have better clarity on their performance for 2020 as we enter the final month of 3Q2020. Check out the monthly credit view on the OCBC website for further information on bond level recommendation changes.