• northernbreak - radio theatre
9 episodes
You're busy. You've got buses and trains to catch, washing up to do, gyms to crawl into. That's why I made this channel for you to listen to on the go! Stories, sketches, and even a few songs thrown into the mix. It's all here, it's all good and there's guaranteed to be something for everyone!


The Chuckle In The Night
2020 Jul 197m 55s
When people tell you they're from Rotherham, they might tell you about Wentworth Woodhouse, Magna, or the South Yorkshire transport museum.
Camp Spice
2020 Jul 0514m 58s
A brave father from Yorkshire steps up to tell us about one night that changed everything.
One Night In Blobbyland
2019 Oct 318m 6s
Urban exploration, a 90's legend and Cricket St Thomas.
When It Wakes
2019 Feb 015m 53s
One of my favourite sections from IT.
The Drop
2018 Aug 128m 51s
One man's sole tale of a pastry picking gone wrong...
Woman in Black
2018 Apr 095m
A personal favourite of mine taken from the fantastic play, 'the Woman in Black.'
The Bonfire Trail
2018 Mar 2512m 5s
Follow a father's journey home along the bonfire trail.
The Hope Valley Line
2017 Dec 2643m 1s
In the heart of the Peak District, a single train line stretches from one end to the other, sleeping through the moths gathering dust and leaves. Every so often if the wind is quiet and the stars align, you might hear a train make it's way down this track.
Working Late
2017 Oct 301h 1m 23s
Get up, go to work and ignore everything around you.