The Reset Podcast
  • Tommy Franks
15 episodes
The show is hosted every Friday by New Jersey radio host, Tommy Franks. The show covers the biggest stories in politics and sports that occurred over that week.


King Murphy Strikes Again
2020 Jul 0341m 14s
In this week's episode, Tommy talks about the effects of the lockdown as well as the sports that can be returning, previewing the Yankees' debut @ the Nationals.
Time To Learn From The Police's Perspective
2020 Jun 2034m 49s
In this week's podcast, Tommy speaks to his father, Retired Patrolman of 23 years, Thomas Franks, on the duties of the police force. We also learn more details about why incidents with the police happen very abruptly, like we've seen more often on social media in the past few months.
It's Time To Reflect, And Have Perspective
2020 Jun 0545m 16s
In this episode, Tommy devotes the entire podcast to the conversations around race and police brutality in the United States. And he offers a little bit of advice.
What The Hell Is Going On?
2020 May 3151m 17s
In this week's episode, Tommy talks about the effects of the riots seen across the country, and what could happen if nothing is done about them by politicians. Also, the NHL plans to return, and Tommy breaks the bracket down and analyzes matchups.
It's The Economy, Stupid
2020 May 0940m 12s
In this episode, Tommy thinks not enough people understand the severity of the economy at the moment, and how "stay-at-home" orders cannot last forever. Michael Flynn gets justice on his side, and the allegations against Joe Biden from Tara Reade.
There Is Hope, But Don't Tell The Press That
2020 Apr 181h 13m 40s
In this episode, Tommy talks about the current pandemic and what he's currently doing under quarantine. Also, he examines the politics of the virus and wants to know why politicians seem to want to gain political capital off of the pandemic.
Stay Home, Slow The Spread
2020 Mar 2857m 9s
In this episode, Tommy is talking from his home and quarantined, sharing what he personally has done while staying home. Plus, he tells a traveling story you do not want to miss.
The Coronavirus Hysteria
2020 Mar 131h 35m 15s
In this week's episode, Tommy talks to Kevin Tober, host of The Tober Report, and an old campaign friend of his, on the coronavirus and how it affects the current political climate. Also, there are additional excerpts from The Political Roundup radio show this week.
Love is Anything But Berning in the Primary
2020 Feb 1453m 55s
In this week's episode, Tommy explains why Bernie Sanders should be the Democratic Nominee. Also, Biden and Warren take an unsurprising downfall in Iowa and New Hampshire. Plus, a recap of the State of The Union and how it only helped the President.
Homage to The Talent on Loan From God
2020 Feb 051h 19m 25s
In this week's episode, Tommy pays a tribute to an idol of his, Rush Limbaugh, who announced on Monday that he has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Plus, what is going on with the Democrats in the Iowa Caucus? And there was a Super Bowl? Tommy recaps all those and more in this podcast.