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Thanks for checking out the weekly podcast of First Baptist Church O’Fallon, IL, pastored by Dr. Doug Munton. Each message we share is based in biblical truth and ends with practical steps to apply what you’ve learned to your life. To learn more, visit our website at or download the FBCO App.


2020 Sep 2028m 18s
Dr. Doug Munton
The Promise of Life
2020 Sep 1328m 18s
Who Do I Trust
2020 Sep 0628m 18s
2020 Aug 3028m 18s
Come and See
2020 Aug 2428m 18s
The Lamb of God
2020 Aug 1628m 18s
The Messenger
2020 Aug 0928m 18s
And Dwelt Among Us
2020 Aug 0228m 18s
Children of God
2020 Jul 2628m 18s
The Testimony
2020 Jul 1928m 18s