The 10 Minute Mind Shift Podcast
  • Janet Cagle
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Bite-sized knowledge nuggets, practical tools, and easy to implement ideas that will for sure fast track your results. You have a lot going on at work, at home, in your business. It can all feel overwhelming to try and balance it all. I am here to help! I am going to give you effective and practical tools that you can implement today and start seeing results today. You DO NOT need to spend hours a day working on feeling better...10 minutes! Who doesn't have 10 minutes? You can find me at


23. 5 Powerful Questions To Move The Needle
2020 Sep 219m 39s
In 2019, I chose the word curios as the emotion that I wanted to experience the most. I chose to focus on that word daily, look for evidence of my curiosity and really take note of the outcome in my life as a result of being curios.
22. Emotional Set Point
2020 Sep 149m 18s
What is your "go to" emotion?  You know, the emotion that bubbles up when...
21. Words That Create Money Blocks
2020 Sep 0710m 20s
It would seem that they are just words so what’s the harm. That’s what I hope to answer for you today.
20. Change Your Money Story
2020 Aug 3112m 26s
You can flip the script on your money story today!!!!
19. Incremental Upgrades In Your Life
2020 Aug 2411m 48s
When I say the word abundance, what do you think of? When I say the work lack or scarcity or insufficiency, what do you think of?
18. Abundant Mindset
2020 Aug 1711m 45s
I love working with people in the area of balance and abundance.
17. Working With Difficult People
2020 Aug 108m 56s
When it comes to people, and by people, I mean everyone one, not just difficult people, how we experience each other is through our thoughts about them.
16. Impostor Syndrome
2020 Aug 0312m 19s
What is imposter syndrome exactly?
15. The Tragedy of Self-Doubt - 6 Steps to Obliterate
2020 Jul 2714m 6s
In this episode I am going to talk about the tragedy of self-doubt and give you 6 steps obliterate yours!
14. The Purpose Of Negative Emotions
2020 Jul 2012m 57s
There are no good emotions or bad emotions, good thoughts or bad thoughts.