Making Menuhin
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Showcasing the talented youth participating in the Menuhin Competition, an international event known as the “Olympics of the violin.” Hear select performances and personal stories of young violinists from around the world ahead of their participation in the Menuhin Competition Richmond 2021: how they got started, the teachers who inspired them, the sacrifices they’ve made and what they express through their music. Visit for more information and additional resources.


6. Shannon Ma
2020 May 2915m 28s
In addition to playing the violin, Shannon Ma is also passionate about dance, filmmaking and writing. She shares the influences of dance on the musicality of her playing style, as well as excerpts from an essay she wrote on growing up Asian in America, with the goal of helping to break down stereotypes that exist about Asians in the music community.
5. Kerson Leong
2020 May 2716m 36s
Ottawa native Kerson Leong won first prize in the junior division in the Menuhin Competition Oslo 2010, and has since become well-known as one of the world's best violinists. He shares how his father's experimentation helped him approach his music in a scientific manner, and how he used those concepts as the foundation for his playing.
4. Tianyu Liu
2020 May 2214m 43s
His parents knew his potential as a violinist at an early age, even making him stop playing basketball for fear of him damaging his fingers. Tianyu Liu has followed through on his parents' belief, and calls on the technical approach of his home country of China, the focus on musicality from his time in America and the emotion of his audiences to inform his playing style.
3. Keila Wakao
2020 May 2015m 44s
She views the violin as a replica of the human voice, and dives into the tone and emotions with each performance. Massachusetts native Keila Wakao also draws on a deep emotional connection she's developed with her family through music, particularly with her father, who has performed with the Boston Symphony Orchestra for more than 30 years.
2. Matthew Hakkarainen
2020 May 1519m 3s
He picked up the instrument at age 3, and by 18 became the first American ever to win the prestigious Lipizer International Violin Competition. Matthew Hakkarainen credits his success to the support of his parents and teachers, as well as his exploration of art and literature, which he uses to inspire the feelings he conveys when playing his violin.
1. Maya Anjali Buchanan
2020 May 1317m 27s
She learned to play on a Froot Loops box. Now, she's set to compete in "The Olympics of the Violin." Maya Anjali Buchanan shares how her rural upbringing in South Dakota, along with a hectic childhood travel schedule, helped transform her into one of the world's top young violinists.
Making Menuhin: Official Trailer
2020 Apr 071m 59s
Tune in to hear the inside stories of the world's best young violinists leading up to the next Menuhin Competition, an international event known as the "Olympics of the violin."