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Part 1: Prepared For The Storm
2020 Sep 20
What does it mean to put our hope in Jesus? The world is as tumultuous as ever and we need a North Star. We need something to keep us steady when all around us is uncertainty, fear, and chaos. The Good News is that the King of Creation has entered the very world He created to redeem us and guide the way back to Himself. Jesus is our rock and our firm foundation. He is our Anchor in the storm.
Part 3: Casual Community
2020 Sep 13
Sometimes it just feels easier to retract. It's easier to stay at home, keep to ourselves, and not press into community. This is not the abundant life that God has for us in Christ. He calls us into community; to bear each other's burdens. He calls us to love well and support each other. He calls us to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. We can do none of this unless we move away from a casual approach to community and begin to live Christian community with fervor and Jesus at the center.
Part 2: Casual Commitment
2020 Sep 06
It's easy to approach our Christian lives and choose to sit on the sidelines, choosing to let others do the work of ministry. It's easy to tell ourselves little things like "I don't know enough Scripture to help that person struggling with their mental health" or "That serious stuff is for pastors to do", but Jesus calls us all into a passionate pursuit of Him. He calls us to come be with Him, follow Him and His teachings, and go do the things that He did. This takes us stepping out of a casual commitment to Him and jumping in all the way to a passionate, life pursuit of Jesus and His Way.
Part 1: Casual Curiosity
2020 Aug 30
Pastor Ryan opens up a new series looking at God's purposes for our lives and the things that get in the way. It's easy to get bogged down in the chaos and uncertainty of every-day life, but God's calling is bigger than any of that. He sees you where you are and He wants to lead you into the life that He intends for you. Are you willing to follow?
2020 Aug 23
Daniel lived a life of integrity. Pastors Celine and Taylor look at the life and story of Daniel in the Lions' Den and the impact of a life of integrity and how we get there. God wants to change our communities and the world through us, His hands and feet. How do we become the types of people that His power can flow through?
2020 Aug 16
Pastor Josh look at the familiar story of Jonah through the lens of mercy. God gives mercy to the Ninevites freely in the story. This is something Jonah was opposed to and the source of the conflict between God and Jonah. God has given each of us that same, free mercy. The question is, are we willing to pay it forward?
Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego
2020 Aug 09
Christa shares the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace and the confidence they had in God. Then Pastor Sean challenges us to prayer and fasting. He challenges us to have faith that God can do everything He says he can and to put that faith into action. God can answer prayers, God can sustain us in the hardest of times, and God can deliver us from the whatever force the enemy may try to come against us with.
David and Goliath
2020 Aug 02
Pastor Gabe introduces our new series that take a look through some classic Bible stories and asks how we can apply these stories to our present-day lives. First up is David and Goliath. Pastor Gabe, along with Shae West, ask the question what it means to be courageous while examining the different perspectives represented in this classic tale.
Part 8: Pursuing God's Calling
2020 Jul 26
The culmination of the #unphased series looks at what it means to live in context of eternity. There are constant worldly pressures to live for immediate gratification, the good job, the big house. But the way of Jesus demands that we set aside our idea of what 'the good life' is and turn to God for His plan and purposes for our life. Living for eternity means discovering the specific call God has on our individual lives and pursuing that calling with our every fiber.
Part 7: Fearlessly Generous
2020 Jul 19
Competency number seven on our list of eight competencies that we believe every follower of Jesus needs to develop in their pursuit of a Godly life is living a life that is fearlessly generous. What does it look like for you to trust God completely with your finances? What does it mean to know that He is our shepherd and because of Him we shall not want? What does it mean for you to be fearlessly generous?