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Navigating race, relationships, and culture can be a lot while at the same time finding Newfound success in a new place! Join us on the #blackAF AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW as we’re discussing each and every episode of this fantastic netflix series. Join us for special guests, news, and special segments! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!


Running Amok In Fiji - S1 E7 & E8 '#blackAF' After Show with Justin Claiborne and Scarlet Spencer
2020 Apr 2037m 53s
Justin Claiborne and Scarlet Spencer join Breanna and AJ has they jump back in with episode 7 & 8. The Barris family is on vacationing in Fiji! Even though it should be a relaxing time there’s nothing but stress in the air. Kenya and Joya battle it out after he finds out the trip to work on their marriage was actually a work trip for his wife. Drea is already out of the bonding mood when Marquis unexpectedly joins the fun, taking away her sister time from Chloe. Meanwhile, Izzy, Pops and Kam are running a muck in the resort as Pops struggles trying to get respect from his siblings.
Black Hollywood - S1 E5 & E6 '#blackAF' After Show
2020 Apr 1833m 38s
A battle between personal opinion and business causes Kenya to second his creative decisions. With his name attached to a terrible movie, he’s conflicted if he should support the flick from a fellow black writer. Gathering with fellow elite members of Black Hollywood like Issa Rae, Ava DuVernay, Tim Story, Tyler Perry and Lena Waithe didn’t make his choice easier. Also, Joya wants to take control of her life with a “second act” to her feline freedom. But the direction of becoming a social elite sends her marriage into troubled waters.
It's Juneteenth - S1 E3 & E4 '#blackAF' After Show
2020 Apr 1831m 21s
The Barris family is celebrating Juneteeth while tackling fatherhood. Episodes 3 &4 tackle a look at the different layers of feminism regarding both white and black woman. We’ll discuss the myths about black fathers as Kenya Barris explains the plight of debunking the stereotype. Izzy’s having a hard time growing into her own skin while she develops as a woman. Catching her doing an “Act Up” challenge video with her friends has Joya shook and wondering how to handle getting the teen to open up.
Meet the Barris Family - S1 E1 & E2 '#blackAF' After Show
2020 Apr 1825m 45s
We’re officially introduced to the Barris family and it’s all laughs! Kenya Barris brings attention to the pressures of being wealthy and black in Hollywood. With living this best, providing his family with their luxurious lifestyle and keeping up a rockstar image, he’s battling the issues of “peacocking.” All this comes down to controversial question he asks himself, “Is he a coon?