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A podcast about MTV's The Challenge. We set out to deliver the hottest, freshest takes in the world of Bunim Murray. Listen as we break down weekly episodes, embrace debate, and give predictions for the future. War of the Worlds 2 premieres on August 28th @ 10/9c Episode Recaps posted after each episode Twitter: @StirThePod


Mt. Rushmore of Challenge Relationships
2020 Jul 2337m 13s
Total Madness is over so we’re picking up our Mt Rushmore series baby! We give our picks for best Challenge relationships of all time. Whether it be hookups, alliances, long term romances, or something else, we bounce all over the place. Let’s do this. Total Madness season recap coming soon. @StirThePod
Total Madness: Finale Recap
2020 Jul 161h 27m 12s
History has been made! A 7th ring is officially in the books and the curse is officially over. Johnny Bananas puts all the doubters to bed and solidifies himself as the GOAT. Not to be outdone, Jenny wins it all in just her second season, and Kyle gets a sneaky silver medal. The season is over, but we’re just getting started. We recap it all tonight, love you guys @StirThePod
Total Madness: Episode 15 Recap
2020 Jul 091h 33m 15s
WE GOT OURSELVES A GOOD OL FASHIONED HEAD BANGER!!!!! Hall brawl, Nelly T, and the final is finally here. What an episode. Let’s do this
Total Madness: Episode 14 Recap
2020 Jul 021h 4m 16s
Josh is ready to get his red skull! Cory is upset with Fessy because the challenge matters to neither of them. Aneesa is disrespected yet again and wait for it.... Josh is ready to get his red skull. Let’s do this @StirThePod
Total Madness: Episode 13 Recap
2020 Jun 2558m 43s
In case you couldn’t tell, Bayleigh is all on her own. Kaycee is quickly a prominent figure, we play a puzzle game for a challenge, and Nany is surprisingly not scared. Follow us @StirThePod LOVE YOU GUYS!
Total Madness: Episode 12 Recap
2020 Jun 1839m 5s
Trev dives into a boring slow episode 12. Cory fights for a skull for his daughter and Josh goes over the edge with Melissa. Only a few episodes remain to grab ur skulls. Love ya guys
Total Madness: Episode 11 Recap + Mt Rushmore of Challengers We Want Back
2020 Jun 111h 25m 53s
Dee managed to cut herself out of the entire episode and still ruin all of it. We do our best to recap a weird, chopped up, rushed 60 minute episode, but we cap it off by doing a little Mt Rushmore - we decide which Challengers we would like to see come back to the show. Thanks for sticking it out with us. Love you guys.
Total Madness: Episode 10 Recap
2020 Jun 041h 6m 2s
A literal 15 year old rivalry has reached its peak. Wes and Bananas finally go at it. This episode was amazing. We try to recap it all. Right here. Segments, Mt Rushmore’s, and much much more. Love you guys.
Total Madness: Episode 9 Recap
2020 May 2855m 56s
You know The Challenge is in full swing when Josh is crying and Nany is doing everything to avoid elimination. We have bar fights, two eliminations, and Cory running the interrogations. Let’s do this. Follow us @StirThePod
Total Madness: Episode 8 Recap
2020 May 2137m 7s
DOWN GOES JORDAN! A wild episode with a new cohost??? The boys dive into an action packed episode of the challenge. #LoveYouGuys