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Ep 19 Winter Special with Dave Bond
2020 Mar 153h 1m 53s
Cinematronix podcast returns with Dave Bond to talk all thing coronavirus, No Time to Die being pushed back, how the virus will affect the box office. We also move on to the new Pixar film, Oscars and Parasite, how the … Continue reading →
Ep 18 Summer Review 4 part 2 – with Dave Bond
2019 Aug 303h 49m 11s
Dave Bond and myself return to conclude our review of the summer movies of 2019. This episode we recap from part one and discuss the recent news such as Disney losing Spider-Man. Join us as we discuss why Toy Story … Continue reading →
Ep 17 Summer Review 4 part 1 – with Dave Bond
2019 Jun 092h 51m 4s
Cinematronix podcast is back for its annual summer review as Dave Bond from Do You Expect Us To Talk? returns to reflect on this year’s summers movies…. before we hit June. Starting with a series we’ve just finished with the … Continue reading →
Ep 16 Summer Review 3 part 2 – with Dave Bond
2018 Aug 252h 51m 49s
SO here’s part 2 of the review of summer 2018 conducted by Dave Bond and myself. Picking up where the world cup left off, we cover the film’s release in the actual summer time.  We cover the new Jurassic World film, Incredables 2, … Continue reading →
EP 15 Born to be Bad with Ti Singh
2018 Aug 061h 9m 8s
Joining me this episode is the author of the new book Born to be Bad. A series of interviews of the actors most prominent playing villains during the 80″s  and 90’s, discovering they’re on set stories and how their roles impacted … Continue reading →
Ep 14 Summer Review 3 part 1 – with Dave Bond
2018 Jun 142h 20m 13s
So its time to update the old feed so here’s another summer review featuring Dave Bond. As the summer period appears to be getting longer and longer we decided to break this review in half with the world cup breaking … Continue reading →
Ep 13 Summer Review Vol 2 – with Dave Bond
2017 Sep 09
So here we are, at the end of the summer cycle of films and yet here we are with a look back with my fellow co-host of Do You Expect Us to Talk, Dave Bond. In what is the fourth … Continue reading →
Ep 12 Dave Bond : Cinematronix Podcast
2017 Mar 242h 40m 28s
This is the first episode in a while in what is some-what of a reboot of the podcast. The main format is very simple and strip back conversation between a guest and myself on anything film related. Tangents will … Continue reading →
Ep 11 Chris and Dave do Summer
2016 Sep 062h 19m 59s
It’s been a while since I’ve updated the podcast so here’s a round-up of the summer realese this year. Joining me is my fellow podcaster from Do You Expect Us To Talk, Dave Bond. Together we go through the main … Continue reading →
Ep 10 : Batman Vs Superman Spoiler Review
2016 Apr 102h 6m 10s
The Cinematronix podcast is back with slow updates of episodes. This week me and my guests Robert Turnbull, Matt Daly and Dave Bond talk about the most talked about film in recent memory Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice. Starring Henry … Continue reading →