Louis' Lockdown Lowdown
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5 episodes
Actor, Louis Hynes, in conversation with other actors, creatives and people with a good story to tell during the Coronavirus Lockdown


5. Owen Jones
2020 Jun 1147m 8s
Owen Jones, best selling author of Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working Class and The Establishment, talks about class, COVID and the challenges of being young in modern Britain.  This was recorded before the death of George Floyd, so unfortunately it strays from the directly topical in that regard although, many of the links are intersectional and very relevant.
4. Elle Fanning
2020 Apr 3057m 44s
This week, I talk to Elle Fanning about how she's surviving quarantine,  upcoming projects with her sister, and her upcoming Hulu show, The Great.(you'll find me a few scenes of The Great too!)
3. Declan McKenna
2020 Apr 2358m 22s
This week, I talk to the phenomenal musician Declan McKenna about his second album, Extinction Rebellion and Love Island (all the important stuff!). Declan captured the frustrations and ears of a generation through his politically charged first album, "What do you think about the car?".  Now, three years later, he is preparing to release his second album, "Zeros", on the 21st of August.
2. Luke Cutforth
2020 Apr 1648m 1s
This week I chat to first wave YouTuber, Luke Cutforth, about how YouTube is changing, schemas, and how to see the world as a better place.
1. Amybeth McNulty
2020 Apr 0250m 36s
Amybeth McNulty, best known for her portrayal of Anne in Netflix's 'Anne with an E', talks about the challenges of acting, dealing with online criticism and moving on from Anne.