2 Blokes Fishing 4 Meaning In A Sea of Modern Mythology
  • 2Blokes
8 episodes
Kevin and Jon ponder their thoughts on all manner of technological and philosophical issues.


Self Actualisation
2020 Sep 041h 39m 40s
Jon and Kevin discuss self actualisation, educational psychology, narcissism and forest bathing.
2020 Aug 021h 32m 39s
Kevin and Jon discuss Sartre, writing, motivation and the bureaucracy of living abroad during a pandemic.
Anger is an Energy?
2020 Jul 071h 31m 17s
Jon and Kevin talk about Super Saturday, Kierkegaard, parachute failure, mindfulness and Lydon.
Back 2 Work, Back 2 Reality?
2020 Jun 261h 37m 2s
Kevin and Jon talk about work they've hated, reality vs the real and the lack that underpins it all.
Monkey's Gone to Heaven
2020 Jun 131h 38m
Jon and Kevin discuss oppression, the art of logo design and ancient magic.
Waiting for Superman
2020 May 301h 34m 22s
Kevin and Jon muse on collaboration, Lacan and what we've learnt during this pandemic.
Electric Dreams
2020 May 161h 32m 4s
Jon and Kevin ponder further on transhumanism, biohacking, lockdown and AI whilst thinking more about learning either digital or otherwise.
Fizzy Thoughts
2020 May 041h 32m 50s
Kevin and Jon whilst trapped in lockdown, discuss and muse on issues around dataism and humanism with a little anarchic fun for good measure.