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Inside the Wires is a podcast talking about anything having to do with Platform Tennis (paddle) or... pretty much anything else.


S2 E3 The President speaks
2020 Sep 1822m 3s
Join us as President Tiernan Cavanna makes a return visit. She'll update what the APTA's plans are for a new COVID affected season.
S2 E2 Ben's greatest hits! Definitely NSFW (Not safe for work) but pretty damn funny
2020 Sep 159m 12s
18 episodes in, we have plenty of great out takes that haven't been heard by listeners... Until now.
S2 E1 And we're back!
2020 Sep 1118m 45s
Our first new episode in 3 1/2 months, we're back and ready to start a new, possibly weird, season of paddle.
S1 E16 The Judge ... and the drink maker - Marshall Chapin
2020 Aug 1840m 4s
Head umpire of the APTA talks about paddle, volunteering, umpiring and Ben's favorite subject - foot faults, as well as his now legendary drink making skills. This is the final episode of our COVID shutdown recordings that were recorded in April and May. New episodes coming soon!
S1 E15 Here's the Champ! Jared Palmer
2020 Jul 2831m 57s
Not many players can not play paddle all season until a week before Nationals start, then step in an make it to the finals, but our guest on the show did that this year. When you've already won 3 titles and oh yeah, WIMBLEDON, maybe it wasn't that hard for him. We were very excited to have an often requested guest on the show, Jared Palmer.
S1 E14 Views from the backhand, Brian Compton
2020 Jul 0936m 30s
The gang talks to one of the top players and best backhands in the country, Brian Compton. We also play our own version of the Tinder app as we try to find a partner (in paddle, not life) for Brian.
S1 E13 This is Us
2020 Jun 1638m 28s
Get to know the hosts a bit and learn all you ever wanted to about Pro Wrestling. We also disclose some guests coming up later this summer. Make sure to sign up for the best summer paddle tourney in the Midwest too, the Mudhole at Elysium tennis in Columbus. Contact Brian Heil at Elysium for details on the July 11th tourney.
S1 E12 All time greats, 8 time mens champions Flip Goodspeed and Scott Mansager
2020 May 2930m 52s
Flip and Scott provide plenty of history for older players and a transition to top teams of today. Get some great perspective from players that have transcended 3 decades of paddle and won 8 national titles while making the finals 12 times in a 15 year span!
S1 E11 Champions Week with Marcela Rodezno
2020 May 2623m 21s
Even after taking 3 years off, Marcela came back strong in 2020 to win Nationals with Macie Elliot. Listen to hear about her tennis background, thoughts on other top players in the women's game and most importantly, how to properly pronounce her last name.
S1 E10 The APTA CEO, Amin Khadduri
2020 May 2237m 42s
We get a chance to talk with the CEO of the APTA about the PTI, what's happening at the APTA, the PTI, a challenge  to Blake and Noah, and the PTI