Place 33, Secrets of Universal Truths

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Las Vegas’s resident dimension roamer, Author, Sherilyn Bridget Avalon, is zig-zagging the Spirit world bringing you weekly travel stories and Spirit roaming moments from incredible dimensions in the spirit world. From hidden Universal Truths and the must-try Elevator of Enlightenment to spectacular alien encounters with locals, Let Sherilyn enlighten you to the kingdom that is within all of us. We invite travelers through hypnotic voyaging to roam the world within and without.

The first Wednesday of the month at 3:00 pm Mountain time.

Sherilyn is a Spiritual Teacher and founding member of Awaken Ascension Evolution, an organization dedicated to providing spiritual guidance to those on a path of self-discovery. It is a ministry of healing through which she and her colleagues assist​ truth seekers on their journey towards understanding

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