Flawed Justice: The Kimberly Long Story Podcast

It was a murder with no eyewitnesses. No physical evidence. A star witness for the prosecution killed before he could testify, and a jury that didn’t get to see all of the evidence - until now. This is a story 15 years in the making. It is a search for justice in a criminal justice system that is willing to send someone to prison without ever examining powerful evidence of innocence. It is the profile an unforgettable little girl who felt abandoned by the people and institutions that were supposed to protect her, and a chilling example of a nightmare that could happen to anyone---even you. Kimberly long was an emergency room nurse who was found guilty of murdering her boyfriend back in 2006. Since then, we have been able to get a hold of 15 years worth case files and evidence: the police interrogations, crime scene photos, lie detector tests and an expl

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