Visible at Work
  • Tracy Oyekanmi
36 episodes
For professionals in a new country struggling to be visible at work because doing your main job alone is not enough! Every Sunday, I share actionable tips from my over a decade experience in multicultural teams from Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America & Africa. Also, listen to interviews from relocated professionals as they share their secrets to staying visible at work even in a new territory.


Ep 34 3 Things stopping your Career Abroad
2020 Sep 2011m 14s
Having a career abroad is totally different from having a job abroad. If you want to build a career, you need to look at 3 things stopping your career abroad and deal with it. On this solo episode, i explain that it is never too late and why its dangerous to
Ep 33 Finding your voice abroad- Get credit for your work
2020 Sep 1411m 26s
Even though it is necessary, it doesn't come naturally to a lot of foreign trained professionals who grew up in being modest about your achievements.
Ep 32 How to Excel on a Team Panel Abroad
2020 Sep 0612m 27s
In this solo episode, I discuss how to excel on a team panel when working abroad.
Ep 31 Adapting to a Foreign Culture Abroad with Dr. Yusuf J. Ugras
2020 Aug 3138m 8s
This episode is a full circle moment for me in training about Work Cultures. I interviewed my former professor, Dr Yusuf Ugras, Ph.D who is faculty with the MBA program at La Salle University Philadelphia and has consulted for several multinational organizations and educational institutions on working professionals and international audiences. Dr. Ugras brings over 30 years of academic experience.
Ep 30 Re-branding your Transferable Skills
2020 Aug 2413m 56s
It takes intentional to rebuild your transferable skills but it all starts with re-branding your professional experience as transferable skills.
Ep 29 How to kickstart being a Leader without the title yet Abroad
2020 Aug 1613m 48s
For you to be a highly-skilled Immigrant/ foreign professional, you already have leadership qualities and even held leadership positions before moving. But when you move, sometimes to move forward you may have taken a few steps back, taken roles without much leadership responsibilities and you still need to exhibit that.
Ep 28 Why Your Silence could be Killing Your Career Abroad
2020 Aug 0912m 21s
In this solo episode, I reveal the 4 myths that keep you from speaking up in meetings. This impacts your ability to connect with your bosses, team members and ability to be visible effortlessly in your career.
Ep 27 You are the Product Abroad Interview with Ravi Jayagopal Ep 27
2020 Jul 3138m 53s
Ravi Jayagopal is a Business Coach, 6-time Author, Speaker, Podcaster- and (2 shows), full-time Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Online Course Creator, WordPress Plugin Creator & Evangelist, an Amateur Ventriloquist.
Ep 26 Using grit to succeed abroad Roman Prokopchuk
2020 Jul 1922m 48s
Roman Prokopchuk is a 2nd generation Immigrant who moved from Ukraine as a little boy to USA but he traces his success in business- Novazora Digital Agency and Digital Savage podcast to the grit he saw his grandparents display. Roman advises us that When moving to find new opportunities, it is important that you understand the type of role you want to get and your expectations or what you want to get out of it.
Ep 25 Explaining a Gap on Your Resume with Sonal Bahl
2020 Jul 1350m 3s
Sonal Bahl has lived many career lives in one and now helps others supercharge their careers! Originally from India, Sonal has lived and worked in Chile, Uruguay, France and now resides in Belgium.  She speaks English, French, Hindi and Spanish and can conduct business in all four!