• Emma Mecham
15 episodes
Welcome to The Chat. A podcast with a new guest every episode talking about his or her story. How and why they got to where they are today, the highs, the lows, their passions and pains. Chats include personal stories, main stream topics, and sprinkles of good laughs.


The One About Trey Gunnar
2020 Mar 1652m 5s
On this episode of The Chat, Emma is joined by one of her good friends Trey Gunnar. Trey talks about his experiences about coming out as gay and how his life has changed since making that decision. He also talks about being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and also being a member of the LBGTQ community. They discuss how he has navigated his lifestyle and choices since coming out, and the challenges that have come with that. This is the first-ever uncut and unedited episode of The Chat.
The One About Coming Home From A Mission Early
2019 Nov 2546m 9s
On this episode of The Chat, Emma is joined by Sam Lacomb. Sam and Emma discuss when and where Sam was called to serve an LDS mission, and the circumstances of Sam eventually returning home from his mission early. They talk about the thoughts and feelings Sam felt during and after this experience and what he learned from it.
The One About Gratitude
2019 Oct 2647m 21s
On this episode, Emma is joined by one of her roommates Rachel Seeman. Emma and Rachel discuss a gratitude experiment that they did together and their findings with that experiment. They talk about why gratitude is so important to practice in our everyday lives, and ways that they have been able to practice gratitude in their own lives. They also talk about the power of gratitude and its ability to change the way we view ourselves, other people, and our lives.
The One About Losing a Parent
2019 Aug 2048m 41s
On this episode of The Chat, Emma is joined by a former guest on the podcast; Maizey Clark. Emma and Maizey update the listeners on Maizey's most recent endeavors and interests. They ultimately discuss the story of Maizey's father passing away when she was very young. They talk about how her dad's passing affected her life and how she has gotten to know him even more after his death.
The One about Confidence and Self Esteem
2019 Jul 0550m 9s
On this episode of The Chat, Emma is joined by one of her best friends Karen McCleve. Emma and Karen discuss confidence and self esteem.  They discuss where true confidence and self esteem should come from, and what one can do to build and maintain that confidence and esteem. They also talk about experiences in their lives when they have felt like they had less confidence and self esteem, and what they did to stop feeling that way.  They also discuss creating the life you want to live, encouraging a mindful mindset in your life, and how to be honest but kind to yourself.
The One About Podcasting and Dating
2019 May 2058m 46s
On this episode of The Chat, Emma is joined by Taylor Cederstrom. Emma and Taylor discuss Taylor's own podcast; Shooting the Breeze Podcast, and how starting his podcast has benefited and blessed his life. They also discuss how podcasting has helped them both to stay connected with other people in their lives, and what others can do to stay connected by disconnecting from technology. In addition to podcasting, the two also talk about their dating and relationship experiences. Emma and Taylor talk about very specific experiences they've had while dating and what they learned and how they grew from those experiences. .
The One About OCD
2019 Apr 3050m 54s
On this episode Emma is joined by yet again one of her roommates, Amy Eubanks. The girls discuss Amy; her quirks and hobbies, love for math, and her mission in Argentina. They ultimately discuss Amy's experience with developing and realizing that she had OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and what she  has done since to deal with and work through that trial in her life.
The One About Being Gay at BYU
2019 Mar 2553m 42s
On this episode of The Chat, Emma is joined by Arenui Anderson. Or as he likes to be called, Otter. Otter and Emma discuss Otter's experiences with realizing he was gay, coming out to his friends and family, and attending BYU. The two also discuss Otter's involvement in USGA and what people that are not apart of the LGBTQ community can do to help support those in that community.
The One About Converting to the LDS Church
2019 Mar 0250m 39s
On this episode of The Chat, Emma is joined by one of her BYU friends Gillian Galloway. Gillian talks about her childhood living in Alaska and some of the things she loves about her home state. She ultimately talks about her conversion story with converting to the LDS church and some of the struggles and blessings that have come from that decision.
The One About Adventures in Europe
2019 Feb 0242m 44s
On this episode of The Chat, Emma is joined by one of her oldest and closest friends; Maizey Clark. The girls talk about the beginnings of their friendship and how they have stayed friends over the years. They also talk about Maizey's experience living and teaching English in Russia for six months. Maizey talks about the high points and the low points of that experience.