The Documentary Podcast: Archive 2013
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The BBC World Services wide range of documentaries from 2013.


Riding the Graphene Wave
2013 Dec 3123m 31s
Graphene is a super-strong and super-conductive material. Gerry Northam looks at its move from the laboratory to the commercial world.
Inside the Fed
2013 Dec 3127m 2s
The US Federal Reserve, America's central bank, is one hundred years old. Simon Jack tells its surprising story.
Brazil - Fighting Slavery
2013 Dec 2626m 57s
Brazil's anti-slavery hit-squads are unique. Linda Pressly joins a raid with a committed band of labour inspectors on an alleged slave labour operation in deepest rural Brazil.
Who's Left Holding the Baby
2013 Dec 2550m 2s
Childcare options in Fiji, where children are taken care of by the community, and China where infants as young as three might live away from their parents in boarding kindergartens. Madeleine Morris reports.
Lines in the Sand
2013 Dec 2427m 2s
The emerging Jihadi challenge across the Sahara and Sahel regions of Africa. Are there links between various Islamist groups?
Bangladesh: Trials of Strength
2013 Dec 1926m 57s
Farhana Haider investigates the prosecution of alleged war criminals from the conflict of 1971 and asks if the trials are being used to target the opposition.
Notes from Kampala
2013 Dec 1450m 6s
The story of Kampala Music School told by its pupils and teachers. Kampala Music School began life in 2001 in the basement of the YMCA but is now the international centre of musical excellence in Uganda.
The Revenge Porn Avengers
2013 Dec 1226m 57s
When a group of young Texan women found naked pictures of themselves online, they wanted justice, but their critics accused them of trampling on freedom of speech.
The Harder They Come - Part Two
2013 Dec 1027m 2s
Forty years after the premiere of Jamaican cult film The Harder They Come, Chris Salewicz asks whether a whole generation of musicians were directly inspired to live a life of crime by the film.
Madiba's African Footsteps
2013 Dec 0849m 58s
Mandela's 1962 pan-African journey to explain the mission of the ANC and seek political support, money and military training. What impact did these travels in free Africa have on Mandela the man - and Mandela the politician?