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The Secret of a fulfilled life – This is how you become strong through difficulties – Jana Highholder & Leo Bigger
2020 Sep 2733m 13s
Just like David, we fight against Goliaths in our lives. Maybe means your Goliath fear, pride or pornography. Name your Goliath by name, and let God put an end to. When you get up, take the fight against your Goliath, you will hear "that you can not" or "no one has been waiting for you." Then spin around turning unto thy God. Around and If you want to put on the armor for battle, you will not fit in the same way as David and you'll feel unprepared. Jana is a powerful testimony, how can you prepare yourself for the fight, and how you become a champion and pioneer. Take up the fight; God has called you and capable.
The Secret of a fulfilled life – This is how you find more peace – Leo Bigger
2020 Sep 2036m 50s
The story of David teaches us to root ourselves in God in order to live successfully later in his promise. After David's anointing as king of the Spirit of God recite him no more second. God sent him back to his flock, which he defended against bears and lions. In time, David rooted in God, repeatedly sought refuge with him and found his whole happiness in intimacy with him. The time until the fulfillment of the promise is a fulfilling and necessary time to root yourself in God so that you may live successfully later in the promise. Leo shows three ways of rooting in God on; Christians share practical tips on how you can find close in their daily lives God.
The Secret of a fulfilled life – This is how you become more patient – Leo Bigger
2020 Sep 1341m 38s
When David was anointed king, him God sent back to his flock until he was 13 years became king later. Do you also have a promise of God, but nothing going on in your life in the direction? In waiting for the promise of the enemy wants to smother the germ in you before you bring fruit. He wants to distract you and make you believe that the promise will never come. But there is no shortcut in the kingdom, which lets you quickly bear fruit. root If you want to go further, go deeper and let yourself in God's timing, before you bring fruit.
Children not Servants – What good is faithfulness to you – Leo Bigger
2020 Aug 3037m 15s
Like father with his lost son and his surviving son bypasses, helps us a welcome and loyalty cultural construct. In these two cultures, we define how to deal with people we get to know new and we already know. These are Leo three practical tips: 1) Have an open mind and go to to people who are alone. 2) Have an open mind and listen to what she has to tell the person. 3) Have an open heart, no matter whether the person is you sympathetic or not. When the introductory period is over, edges, corners and spines of the person to be visible. Then it's time to cultivate a loyalty culture.
Children not Servants – How to become confident – Leo Bigger
2020 Aug 2347m 26s
What these sandals that the Father has attracted the prodigal son mean? The shoes are a sign that you claim has to something, they are a symbol of freedom, self-determination. But what it means when you take your shoes? take off your sandals came in Jewish law a contract equal. If you sold something or gave, they took off a sandal and the contract was confirmed. For us it may mean our own plans and desires, that is, hand over our right to it.
Children not Servants – Do not compare yourself to others – Leo Bigger
2020 Aug 1634m 9s
Compare with other one does not help. Compare makes us envious. Sometimes we feel even treated us unfairly, when someone who has failed is more blessed than we are. But we should not be jealous of the blessings of someone else. Hebrews 12 invites us to take off all that and seen on Jesus, we turn 180 degrees to become like Him and like Him to Jesus. Everyone is blessed, you have your blessing, the other has his.
Children not Servants – You determine your value – Leo Bigger
2020 Aug 0935m 21s
Who is in your life at your right side - Prosecutor or intercessor? Who can bless you and run? The devil knows your name and call you in your sin. God knows your sins, but calls you by your name. Although we believe that we are freed by Jesus from our sins, but feel we do too often the opposite. We have our value defined by performance or externals. Leo Bigger encourages us even more to attract the mantle of justice and to put Jesus to our right. And who can we condemn Jesus to our right?
Summer of Revival EN – Planted in the house of God – Björn Schäfer & Simone Schäfer
2020 Aug 0223m 45s
Björn & Simone Schäfer talk about the Lebanon cedar in Psalm 92 as an image how we can grow as Christians and live. There are three kinds of Christians; Butterfly, frog and tree Christians. Listen in and find out, what it means ;-) If you surrender your life to Jesus and planted in the house of the Lord, you have a flourishing life, an attractive appearance, strength, stability and calm in all situations. No matter what storm comes, you stay weatherproof. Björn are two practical tips on how you can root you.
Summer of Revival EN – Do you see me? – Daniel Nüesch
2020 Jul 2627m 20s
We all want attention. We want to be seen. We want to be noticed. We want people to see the potential in us. We want people to take care of us when we're not doing well. We want to be recognized for who we are. In fact God sees you but he shows us who we also can see others through the eyes of Jesus then heaven opens up.