• Bill Corbett
71 episodes
Actor / writer / comedian Bill Corbett (MST3K, RiffTrax) and his crew take on current events, chat about arts and entertainment, and give highly unprofessional advice to listeners with problems.


Ep. 69: Time to Die
2020 Jan 171h 8m 44s
It’s the final weekly episode of Bill Corbett’s Funhouse. (Not sure if we’ll ever be back in any form, but definitely not for the next few months.) So let’s talk about death, and endings. Then watch us die! Laughs and sadness. And movie and book recommendations. Then death. With Brandi Brown and Bryan Miller.
Ep. 68: Ann Kim, Restaurant Virtuoso
2020 Jan 101h 3m 50s
Bill interviews chef and restaurateur Ann Kim, who recently won the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Midwest. From her early days in Korea to her time working as an actor to her amazing rise as a pizza chef and owner of four restaurants, Ann has a cool and inspiring story.
Ep. 67 Beyond the White Matrix
2020 Jan 031h 35m 15s
A follow up to Episode 59 a.k.a. White Supremacist Club. Bill and Brandi chat about the white people problem along with Kyle Tran Myhre, stage name Guante, a hip hop artist, slam poet, activist, and educator based in Minneapolis. With Brandi Brown and Kyle Tran Myhre.
Ep. 66 Cheesy Holiday Special
2019 Dec 2350m 33s
Bill might be an expert in cheesy movies, but his wife Virginia is an expert in cheesy... cheese. Yes, Virginia Corbett is a for-real cheesemonger, a cheese expert for an actual living, and knows her profession well. She and Bill chat about the wonderful world of cheese, and how you might include it in your holiday parties and feasts. Plus lots of conversational diversions and distractions. A lactose super-tolerant show! With Virginia S. Corbett.
Ep. 65: John Moe, Wits Master
2019 Dec 1952m 46s
Bill interviews John Moe, author, radio host, mental health advocate and star of the late great show WITS on American Public Media. They discuss John's life in public media, including his popular podcast The Hilarious World of Depression and new book of the same name.
Ep. 64: Christmas Randomness
2019 Dec 131h 12m 9s
Christmas is rushing at us, full speed ahead. There's no stopping it! And since a previously scheduled episode had to be canceled at the last minute, Bill asked Bryan in to chat about the inescapability of Christmas and some of the movies, TV and so forth that come with it: good, bad, offbeat, from the classics to the obscure. Christmas randomness! With Bryan Miller.
Ep. 63 Yes, And
2019 Dec 061h 3m 52s
Contemplating his next career move, Bill explores the wonderful world of improv comedy. Funhouse regulars and seasoned improv performers Shannan and Mike guide him through this potentially fulfilling and lucrative life change. Includes live audio improv! Yes, and they have fun. With Shannan Custer and Mike Fotis.
Ep. 62: Kevin Murphy, Finally
2019 Nov 2858m 35s
Bill interviews longtime MST3K and RiffTrax colleague Kevin Murphy about his early days, the early days of MST3K, early days in general. Note: this is the second time Kevin has been interviewed for the Funhouse podcast, the first time being back in February AND thus far the only instance of Bill absolutely messing up a recording! Let the record show that Kevin was gracious enough to try again.
Ep. 61: Petty Bastards
2019 Nov 221h 12m 43s
Let's get shallow! Bill and company go off about their many petty grievances. And some small blessings, though not as many. A truly shabby, petulant little party. Also: Narcos! Great Korean movies! Woodstock '99! With Brandi Brown and Bryan Miller.
Ep. 60: Paul Funhouse Tompkins
2019 Nov 151h 12m 13s
Bill interviews one of his favorite comedians and favorite people in general, Mr. Paul F. Tompkins. Besides being a brilliant stand-up, PFT is a a veteran of many great shows such as Bojack Horseman, Mr. Show, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Comedy Bang Bang, Best Week Ever, plus his own podcasts including Spontaneanation and Dead Authors. They chat about Paul's early years, comedy, clothes, politics, therapy, and life itself!