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How to Regularly Publish When You’re Crazy Busy
2012 May 16
Chances are you’re incredibly busy. So are we! That said, just because we have a lot of responsibilities does not mean that we have to sideline our writing careers. There are plenty of ways in which one can regularly publish online articles while still managing a rigorous work and home life. In this week’s podcast (Creating Hubs while Crazy Busy), we outline three ways in which this can be easily done:
Giving a New Life to Old Papers, Articles, and Reports
2012 May 09
While most of the Hubs people publish are shiny and new, we still encourage you to draw on older bodies of work when creating online articles. Many of us are sitting on a sizable body of old newsletters, guides, articles, essays, and college research papers that are filled with useful information. Why not give these dinosaurs a new lease on life by updating them and publishing them in Hub form? In this week’s podcast (Converting Papers to Hubs), we offer tips on doing just that.
Creative Hubbing: What to Expect
2012 May 02
This week’s Online Writing Insider is inspired by Anish Patel, who sent in the following question:
How to Deal with Online Drama
2012 Apr 25
As HubPages staff, we get a lot of questions, and a surprising number of them have to do with online drama. Unfortunately, if you write online or are active on one or more social networks, it is likely that at some point you will become caught up in some sort of drama. In this week’s podcast (How to Deal with Online Drama), we share some advice on dealing with it in the most classy and effective manner possible.
How to Create a Deliciously Good Online Recipe
2012 Apr 18
Recipes are extremely popular on HubPages and the new Special Layout Options we offer can make these mouthwatering guides better than ever! As you give the new Recipe Capsules a try, we would like to share some best practices with you when it comes to crafting and sharing online recipes. Listen in to this week’s podcast (How to Write Great Recipes) for our expert advice on creating successful recipe Hubs.
Easy Hub Fixes & Common Blunders
2012 Apr 11
Several times a day, I’ll run across a useful, interesting, well-written article that is shooting itself in the foot because of one or two small blunders. In an effort to rescue Hubs that are hindering their own success, we’ve decided to share an overview of common blunders that can be easily avoided. The small changes we outline in this week’s podcast (Common Blunders to Avoid) can make a big difference.
How to Write Successful Online Reviews
2012 Apr 04
Because we offer a special new capsule in the HubTool that augments reviews on HubPages with star ratings (which can feature either an author’s rating or readers’ ratings), you may be thinking about publishing some review Hubs. Before you proceed, keep in mind that it is not necessarily easy for online reviews to succeed. Reviews are a very competitive type of online content. Many sites have established clear dominance over specific review types and it can be very difficult to outrank these established experts. That said, there are quite a few simple things you can do to work around these barriers and create better, smarter, more successful resources. In this week’s Online Writing Insider (How to Write a Successful Online Review), we share some tips on doing just that. We hope you find them to be helpful!
Why do Microformats Matter?
2012 Mar 28
Microformats are, simply put, open data formats built upon widely accepted standards. Microformats are somewhat like MLA bibliographies in that MLA-style bibliographies share different specific pieces of information (such as citations to movies, books, radio shows, talks, etc.), while following a common, standardized format.
How to Choose Topics to Write About
2012 Mar 21
We often hear from Hubbers that the hardest aspect of online writing is finding topics to write about. When in doubt, we recommend writing on…
How to Ask Good Questions
2012 Mar 14
Because you now have the opportunity to earn ad revenue from Questions you ask on HubPages, you might be wondering what sorts of Questions are most likely to find success (and make money) over time.