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This podcast EXPLODES! Adult, comedic & cool commentaries for action films from the 80s and 90s!


Ep 101 - Martial Outlaw
2019 Aug 132h 11m 50s
Ep 100 - Only The Strong
2019 Jul 072h 12m 21s
They said it could never happen, but it has! The Doc and Kid return for an all new commentary and their 100th episode!
Ep 99 - Last Man Standing (1995)
2017 Aug 092h 10m 28s
The action movie fans with the foul and funny mouths, Dr. Action and the Kick Ass Kid are back!
EP 98 - Nemesis
2016 Oct 132h 5m 44s
We're back and this time round we're talking French kickboxing champ Olivier Gruner's most well known movie, Nemesis Directed by low budget schlockmeister Albert Pyun.
EP 97 - The Glimmer Man
2016 Apr 142h 5m 52s
This week is our 4th anniversary of podcasting and to celebrate we are back with ol' Mr.Flappy Hands himself, the buddha of beef, the pope of pork, Steven Seagal.
EP 96 - Army of One
2016 Mar 302h 14m 17s
The Doc and Kid are back and they're reviewing the Ghostbusters trailer, giving good commentary over Dolph Lundgren's Army of One and answering all your burning questions.
EP 95 - American Ninja 2
2016 Mar 012h 27m 7s
The Doc and Kid are back and they're tackling more Dudikoff action with American Ninja 2. We talk about how quickly Steve James can remove his clothes, the camouflage benefits of dressing all in black ninja outfits on a beach and the magically healing broken arms of the South African rent-a-goons.
EP 94 - Avenging Force
2016 Jan 132h 18m 5s
Doc and the Kid are back talking about this awesome Cannon classic starring Michael Dudikoff and Steve James.
EP 93 - Close Range review and 2015 in action
2015 Dec 221h 28m 38s
The Doctor and Kid review the latest Isaac Florentine and Scott Adkins pair up Close Range, answer listener's questions and look back over the action films of 2015!
EP 92 - Rage of Honor
2015 Sep 122h 25m 37s
Weâ??re back and this week weâ??re commenting on Sho Kosugiâ??s Rage of Honor.