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  • Jason Klamm
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The great comedy minds of our time talk about the greatest comedy albums of all time.


Episode 346 – Mimi Pond on An Evening with Mike Nichols and Elaine May
2020 Sep 231h 4m 29s
Writer, cartoonist, graphic novelist and more Mimi Pond was kind enough to sit down and talk with me about the ever-popular Nichols and May, and discuss her history in the publishing and cartooning industries, as well as why we hold … Continue reading →
Episode 345 – Scott Bomar on Composing the Soundtrack to Dolemite is My Name
2020 Sep 0948m 54s
For the second rare occasion of this year, we’re talking with the artist himself.  Also, we’re once again talking about Dolemite Is My Name.  Scott Bomar is an accomplished composer and musician and he was a Rudy Ray Moore fan … Continue reading →
Episode 344 – Peter Gaffney on David Frye – Richard Nixon: A Fantasy
2020 Sep 0257m 1s
Peter has written for things that have dotted the childhoods and young adulthoods of a few generations, now, including Rugrats and The Simpsons.  Like a lot of young comedy types growing up, he was fascinated by Nixon, and David Frye … Continue reading →
Episode 343 – Josh Gondelman on Matt Braunger – Soak Up the Night
2020 Aug 261h 5s
He’s a stand-up, an author, an actor and a TV writer, and this week Josh Gondelman talks about an album he loved before he ever met and befriended it’s creator, Matt Braunger. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Josh Gondelman Soak … Continue reading →
Episode 342 – Merle Kessler on The Wonderful World of Jonathan Winters
2020 Aug 1252m 13s
From Ian Shoales to Duck’s Breath to much more, Merle Kessler’s work started with influences that have their roots in his family’s Columbia Record Club subscription. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Merle Kessler The Wonderful World of Jonathan Winters on … Continue reading →
Episode 341 – Colleen Fischer on Robin and Doud – Lyndon Johnson’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
2020 Aug 051h 5m 46s
I came across one of Colleen’s articles about vinyl comedy and found out later that she’s fairly new to the world of comedy albums, which made me more intrigued as to what kept her hooked.  She was kind enough to … Continue reading →
Episode 340 – Adam Cayton-Holland on Adam Cayton-Holland Performs His Signature Bits
2020 Jul 2248m 1s
We’ve only talked about our guest’s most recent album twice total, and this is the first time for vinyl.  We talk about Adam’s fantastic album and about his entire history with comedy, and get in pretty deep on comedy with … Continue reading →
Episode 339 – Andre Jacquemin – The History of Monty Python, Part 1 – Monty Python’s Previous Record
2020 Jul 1553m 28s
Andre Jacquemin returns in the first part of a series: The History of Monty Python.  You’ve heard me talk with Phil Proctor and Taylor Jessen in a sibling series, The History of The Firesign Theatre, where we discuss just that, … Continue reading →
Episode 338 – Jennifer Candy on Monty Python Sings
2020 Jul 0853m 35s
Jennifer Candy stops by to talk a mutual favorite, Monty Python Sings! Also, if you want to see the video version of some of my interviews, become a patron at: Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Jennifer Candy Monty Python Sings on … Continue reading →
Epiosode 337 – Laurence Brown on Billy Connolly – Get Right Intae Him
2020 Jul 011h 8m 4s
Fellow English transplant Laurence Brown has made a name on YouTube talking about, well, being an English transplant in the US.  This week, we talk our mutual love of Billy Connolly. Also, if you want to see the video version … Continue reading →