Rock Candy (Hair Bands / Hard Rock)

The show is currently on a permanent hiatus, but you can still listen to some of the old episodes. I will try to keep up on rotating out old episodes around the first of each month and have shows posted that match the month they were originally aired.

Subscribe to get any updates on one off shows or new episodes that may be produced in the future. Thank you to everyone that supported the show while it was in production from July 2018 - July 2019 an helped keep it in the #1 position on the Podomatic Metal Charts most of it's time in production!

Rock Candy began as a TV show in 1996 and has now expanded to a podcast as well. The show is hosted and produced by Troy Correia and features Hair Bands, Hard Rock, Metal, and some good old Rock N Roll tossed in the mix.

Here you will find more then just the hits you would normally hear on radio or paid music stations

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