• Fr. Benjamin Gildas and Fr. Colin Chapman
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Priest Pulse takes a playful and prayerful look at ministry, news, culture, and politics through the lens of the Episcopal Church. Hosts Fr. Benjamin Gildas and Colin Chapman sit down with guests from around the Episcopal Church and mainline Protestantism for heart warming stories of faith, deep theological discussion, poking fun at culture and politics, and sometimes a silly game or two. Segments include Priest Pulse Roundtable, interviews with authors, theologians, and spiritual writers, games with guests, stories of faith, theological conversation, and more.


A Church in Exile Part 4 - Rethinking Faith Formation
2020 May 1843m 26s
Melissa Rau joins us for the fourth part of our coronavirus pandemic miniseries to discuss faith formation. We discuss rethinking faith formation now and beyond the pandemic.
A Church in Exile Part 3 - Incarnational Perspectives on Online Church
2020 May 1558m 42s
In part three of our coronavirus pandemic miniseries we're joined by Kyle Oliver to discuss incarnational perspectives on online church.
A Church in Exile Part 2 - Virtual Communion with Joshua Wise
2020 May 1258m 13s
Wondering whether to celebrate the Holy Eucharist with your congregation online during the coronavirus pandemic? Dr. Joshua Wise joins us to discuss sacramental theology and an orthodox, Trinitarian, Incarnational perspective on online worship for our congregations.
A Church in Exile Part 1 - Pandemic Pastoring feat. Storm Swain
2020 May 1157m 28s
Priest Pulse is back with a coronavirus pandemic miniseries looking at pastoral care, communications, sacramental theology, formation, and justice and reconciliation ministry while we're experience church in exile.
Crushed It - Season 4 Episode 11 feat. Anna Fitch Courie and David W. Peters
2019 Jun 2657m 32s
After an unexpected hiatus we return with Anna Courie and David Peters, authors of Christ Walk Crushed: a 40-Day Journey Toward Reconciliation available from Church Publishing Inc. In this interview we discuss contrition, healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation, as well as what its like to leave the beautiful state of Hawaii for the mainland.
Failure is Success - Season 4 Episode 10 feat. the Rev. Lorenzo Lebrija of TryTank
2019 Apr 091h 3m 1s
The Rev. Lorenzo Lebrija joins us to talk about his ministry with TryTank, a joint partnership between the General Theological Seminary and Virginia Theological Seminary. TryTank is a learning lab to experiment in church growth and innovation. In this episode we talk about the boldness to experiment in ministry, and how failure can lead to true success.
Two MORE Fantastic Forma Guests - Season 4 Episode 9 feat. Jerusalem Greer and Callie Swanlund
2019 Mar 261h 19m 50s
On this week’s Priest Pulse, Colin and Fr. Laurence fly solo as they key up two MORE interviews from the FORMA conference in January. While in Indy, Fr. Ben and Colin sat down with Jerusalem Greer, who is currently (but was not yet at the time) staff officer for evangelism on the Presiding Bishop’s staff, to hear about the many projects she has going on around the Church. In our second segment, Fr. Laurence was able to talk with the Rev. Callie Swanlund to hear her thoughts on the recent screening of her awesome How2Charist project and what might be next!
On Discernment and Vocation - Season 4 Episode 8 feat. Greg Millikin and Sarah Stonesifer
2019 Mar 121h 36m 57s
On this episode we're joined by author Greg Millikin of the book "Being Called, Being Gay" from Church Publishing available now, as well as returning guest Sarah Stonesifer. We discuss issues around discernment, vocation, and call to lay and ordained ministry, and engage issues of age, gender, sexual orientation, and more as they relate to discernment in the Episcopal Church. We think all discernment officers around TEC should check this one out!
A Baptism Day - S4 E7 featuring Anna V. Ostenso Moore: Red Church Door Podcast Special
2019 Feb 2643m 20s
Colin and Ben discuss the brand new Red Church Door Podcast at www.redchurchdoor.org and share this wonderful content. At the 2019 Forma conference, Colin interviewed author Anna V. Ostenso Moore about her book "Today is a Baptism Day" available now from Church Publishing. Special thanks to the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta's youth ministry podcast with producing this episode.
Formed to Proclaim - S4 E6 2019 Forma Conference Wrap Up
2019 Feb 081h 9m 2s
Ben and Laurence unpack their experience at the Formed to Proclaim 2019 Forma Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. We discuss the conference and then we hear from conference goers of their impressions. Over the next several weeks we'll be releasing our Forma interviews and live episode.