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The AskHistorians Podcast showcases the knowledge and enthusiasm of the AskHistorians community, a forum of more than 400,000 history academics, professionals, amateurs, and curious onlookers. The aim is to be a resource accessible across a wide range of listeners for historical topics which so often go overlooked. Together, we have a broad array of people capable of speaking in-depth on topics that get half a page on Wikipedia, a paragraph in a high-school textbook, and not even a minute on the History channel. The podcast aims to give a voice (literally!) to those areas of history, while not neglecting the more common covered topics. Part of the drive behind the podcast is absolutely to be a counterpoint to other forms popular media on history which only seem to cover the same couple of topics in the same couple ways over and over again.


AskHistorians Podcast Episode 156 - Latin American Classical Music
2020 Sep 031h 16m 29s
Tyler Alderson interviews Seb Lewin about a region of the world often overlooked when it comes to classical music: Latin America. The interview covers the lives and music of several important composers, discussing how their music is a reflection of musical and societal trends in their countries. 77 minutes
AskHistorians Podcast Episode 155 - The SS-Officer's Armchair
2020 Aug 2057m 44s
In this episode, Johannes Breit interviews historian Daniel Lee about his new book “The SS-Officer’s Armchair”. In his book Lee, a specialist on the history of Jews in France and North Africa, follows the trail of several documents found sewn into an armchair. Weaving together historical work with his own process of uncovering information about Robert Giesinger, mid-level German bureaucrat and owner of the papers, Lee crafts a gripping account about both the nature of Nazi perpetrators as well as a historian’s hunt for answers.
AskHistorians Podcast Episode 154 - The Sasanian Empire
2020 Aug 062h 5m 25s
In this episode, u/EnclavedMicrostate interviews Michael Bonner on the subject of the Sasanian Empire, which ruled Iran and its environs from the fall of the Arsacid (Parthian) empire in the early 3rd century AD to the rise of Islam in the 7th century. This covers the politics of the empire, its religious landscape, and the geopolitics of Eurasia in Late Antiquity, with discussion of connections and conflicts with Rome, Armenia, the steppe, and China.
AskHistorians Podcast Episode 153 - "Hitler Kaput!": The Death and Afterlife of Adolf Hitler
2020 Jul 261h 43m 59s
In this episode, P.H. Jones and Johannes Breit discuss the death of Adolf Hitler in 1945. Though Hitler’s suicide and subsequent cremation has always been widely accepted within the historical community, it nevertheless spawned numerous conspiracy theories about his survival and escape. Backdropped against the tensions of the Cold War, and internal distrust between Soviet intelligence groups, Jones and Breit trace the origins of these rumors, and the developing historiography concerning Hitler’s final d
AskHistorians Podcast Episode 152 - The Chile Pepper in China
2020 Jul 0853m 13s
In this episode, u/EnclavedMicrostate interviews Brian Dott about the history of the chile pepper in China. This covers the pepper's introduction and spread, its integration into existing Chinese cuisine and understandings of culinary theory, its use as a medicine, as a cultural metaphor, and as a marker of regional identities.
AskHistorians Podcast Episode 151 - Medieval Atheism
2020 Jun 2057m 11s
In this episode, u/Sunagainstgold interviews Keagan Brewer about atheism in the Medieval period. The interview covers examples of medieval atheists, their treatment by the church, and the historical controversy over their very existence.
AskHistorians Podcast Episode 150 - Church, State and Colonialism in Southeast Congo
2020 Jun 112h 14m 13s
Guest-host Max (/u/Commustar) speaks with Reuben A. Loffman about his book "Church, State and Colonialism in Southeastern Congo; 1890-1962" (2019, Palgrave-MacMillan). This wide-ranging interview covers pre-colonial history of the Kongolo region; the role of White Fathers and Spiritan missionaries; and the experience of decolonization and the Katanga secession.
AskHistorians Podcast Episode 149 - The Opium Wars part2
2020 May 271h 18m 18s
This is the second part of the discussion between myself, /u/Steelcan909, and /u/EnclavedMicrostate, wherein we discuss the Opium Wars themselves, the actual role of opium in the wars, and the fallout that these events had on subsequent Chinese and European history.
AskHistorians Podcast Episode 148 - The Opium Wars part 1
2020 May 151h 57s
Welcome to the first of our two part series on the Opium Wars!  Today I, /u/Steelcan909, am joined by /u/EnclavedMicrostate in a discussion about the development of the opium trade and the tensions between the Qing government and British merchants that erupted into two wars between these Imperial giants.
AskHistorians Episode 147 - Sophonisba Breckinridge: Championing Women's Activism in Modern America
2020 May 0937m 4s
We have the privilege to speak with Dr. Anya Jabour about her recent biography, "Sophonisba Breckinridge: Championing Women's Activism in Modern America." Breckinridge was a university professor in the early 20th century who played a major role in nearly every area of social activism you can fathom--and here, you have the chance to learn all about her, and to use her as a window into the history of social activism in the 20th century United States.