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Season 2 Coming Soon! Welcome to the American Perspective where we discuss current events and topics that shape America. Join host Joshua Newmark and guests as we dive deeper into the real topics that surround us on a daily basis. Always interactive and you can contribute to the show. Send me your ideas and questions to or visit our website at Twitter @AmerPerspective Cover art photo provided by Samuel Branch on Unsplash: Support this podcast:


S1 E28 "#BasedAmy and the case against Free Speech"
2019 Nov 2540m 48s
Amy shares the Crown Court decision in her case against the freedom of speech in the UK and her special announcement.
S1 E27 "Alexandra Levine of #Jexit"
2019 Oct 1631m 24s
Alexandra shares her views and the purpose of Jexit Inc.
S1 E26 "#BasedAmy UK Update"
2019 Oct 1247m 46s
#BasedAmy joins me to discuss her upcoming court case, free speech and Brexit. If you want to help support Amy's court fees or activism, you can visit the support section of her website.
S1 E25 "Latinos for Trump"
2019 Oct 0821m 14s
Live from Trumpstock with Marco Gutierrez. Marco shares his thoughts on Immigration and his goals for America.
Live Show 9/25/19
2019 Sep 2659m 40s
Trump Impeachment and more!
S1 E24 "DeAnna Lorraine for Congress"
2019 Sep 0531m 6s
DeAnna shares her thoughts on American values, the Left and hopes for office while unseating Nancy Pelosi.
S1 E22 "Bill Schafer for Congress"
2019 Aug 2636m 47s
Bill Schafer discusses his aspirations and hopes for Congress. Twitter @BillSchaferIowa
S1 E21 "An American Perspective w/ Enrique Taylor"
2019 Aug 2057m 48s
Enrique shares his views on Racism, politics and Stereotypes today. You can follow him on Twitter: @ErinBeenWavy
S1 E20 "An American Perspective with Gen Z Conservative"
2019 Aug 2036m 8s
I talk with Will from We dive deep into a college perspective on current politics and share ideas.