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Kinsey is the host of the forthcoming Trilluationary podcast. Hailing from Port Arthur, Texas and raised in Jefferson County, so you know she got that clout clout, and is well-versed in everything trill. So who better than Kinsey to espouse trill ideologies to the masses? Consider it a hood gift, from her to you. And you know Capricorns are stingy, so take it as it comes. Oh, word? You need further convincing? Bet. Kinsey got that rowdy Texas swag, and when it comes to breaking it down for mass consumption, Kinsey backs that ass up in the word passionate. So now that you got the person and the Support this podcast:


Can I Kick It?
2020 Sep 1446m 57s
I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept. Angela Y. Davis
Blerd Geek-out
2020 Sep 0634m 1s
Lovecraft Ep 3 My thoughts and Guesses I am enthralled with this show that I enjoy the Easter Eggs sprinkled among each episode. I also, enjoy the history that they present sometimes with context and sometimes NOT. Get wit it. I honor the LEGACY of Chadwick, who is my FOREVER King, Jackie, and James. I also, share my love for MY Queen BEY. I didn't know HBO would sneak out Episode 4 of LoveCraft Country early (insert Jonah Hill screaming GIF).
Erotic & Free
2020 Aug 3139m 29s
Words mean things but these words pack a punch. Have you ever read Erotica? If you haven't YOU should def try it. I'm into it. Pour the libations. Set the Mood. Turn on some Teddy P. (Snap, snap,) Turn em OFF.
2020 Aug 2532m 46s
Celebrating 100 years of Women having the right to vote (even though black women were last group).
My Crystal Shines
2020 Aug 1737m 21s
My anxiety shot thru the roof when Covid first popped off but add being pregnant to that. So, me and one of my best buds dive into what it is like being an expecting mom during Covid. How much has Covid changed the landscape of parenthood?
Where does time go?
2020 Aug 1038m 59s
We are almost done with the year. At this point, I should say what has 'Rona done for you?! ...maybe slowed you down in a good way and realized hidden talents?! I remember when her business was just an idea but now it is REALITY. I am so proud of my friend for seizing moments and blossoming in her craft.
New Normal
2020 Jul 2933m 30s
I miss my friends so much. I finally catch up with my girls to chat about the changes Rona has brought to our front doors. ...and some tips to keep sane as best as you can and maintain.
New York State of Mind
2020 Jul 2350m 9s
Have you ever been to NEW YORK? I love the hustle and bustle but I love NY. I love the Humans of New York( good people). Even though the WORLD has returned to their regularly scheduled program NY Folk are STILL out here making noise. All Black Lives Matter and we need COMMUNITY.
Last Nerve
2020 Jul 1531m 15s
My last nerve is plucked. The Gall. The Audacity and the Got Darn Nerve of Yoooouuuuuu people(cishet males and Pales). I am so surprised I did this in 30 minutes. Why people can't act right?! huh? Does nobody think before they speak? Stop wearing people's culture as costumes and PNG should follow suit so change the name. Whew, Chile.
No tea. No Shade.
2020 Jul 061h 40m 30s
The Library is open for a good READ. My friends and I have a very candid conversation about race and athletics at the collegiate level. We spill tea so keep your cup close, Hunnty. #relatablecontent