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I Couldn't Help But Wonder...
2020 Sep 061h 8m 28s
This month the ladies, plus first time guest Margo (snaps!), dive into all things Sex and the City.  The relationships, the shoes, the fashion, the city, the drinks, and of course the friendships.  Does it hold up?  Do we still relate?  Is everyone a Carrie?  Plus, a dive into shows that blazed the trail for SATC!  Cosmo, anyone?
Fight or Flight?
2020 Aug 0249m 45s
The ladies are thrilled to have Sara back for a second time to chat about leaning in or leaning out as we crawl our way out of the dumpster fire that is 2020.  Are we experiencing Fight or Flight?  OR both?  The introduction one of our best snacks ever PLUS a beatboxing rendition of "On My Own" of Les Mis fame makes this a can't miss episode!
Consumption Junction
2020 Jul 0549m 30s
The ladies dish about all the things we are listening to, reading, watching, eating, drinking... CONSUMING.  Erika is back and she has a fantastic new hot tubber.   Playing euchre to the sounds of the birds again (and a few airplanes) and on the handy dandy app.  Social distancing at its best.
The Dumpster Fire
2020 Jun 0752m 33s
Welcome back, Euchre-ist fans!  Cath, CK, and Lindley managed to pull it together for an outside socially distanced 3 person (plus a delightful Bot named Casey) good old fashioned game of online euchre.  Join us as we keep it real and just discuss the shitshow that is America right now.  P.S. Please enjoy the bonus track of airplanes, wind, and sirens.
Nevertheless She Persisted
2020 Apr 051h 6m 11s
The ladies discuss Elizabeth "Wonder" Warren on this first episode of SEASON 3!  We chat all things Warren up to and including the fact that the Democratic party is now down to two white men.  How did we get here?   We welcome back our very first guest host, Hubbell, in one of our liveliest discussions yet. Some political dead or risens are thrown in for good measure plus as always, stick around for our closing singalong!
What the Funk?
2020 Mar 011h 7m 11s
Feeling the funk?  In a funk?  What the funk do you do to get out the funk?!  The ladies bring it all to the table... working out, sex, weed, wine, meds, sleep, and of course SAD songs.  All culminating in the best funk medley you've never heard.
School of Life
2020 Feb 021h 8m 22s
The ladies have a fabulous new guest host, Shelley who joins in the chat about how we are bettering ourselves.  We are all students of the "School of Life" so what are our majors?!  Download this one for the new "classses", and stay (as always) for the snacks.
2019 Gems
2020 Jan 051h 9m 52s
Happy New Year!  The ladies discuss 2019 takeaways with 2 lovely veteran guests, Natalie and Melanie.  Don't worrry...we didn't miss a chance to shout out to our girl Cath who had to miss.  Tune in to enjoy a rousing rendition of "Auld Lang Syne" and some stellar "Personal Help" recommendations.
News Schmews
2019 Dec 0156m 34s
This month the ladies discuss all things news.  Where do we get it?  How do we cope with it?  When do we shut it off?  The wine and snacks flow as always, PLUS return guest Lind is a delight once more.   You wont' want to miss the "newsy" new hot tub picks as well as one of our FAVE new snacks.
Who You Calling Old?
2019 Nov 031h 14m 49s
Cath and Lindley welcome two brand new guest stars while CK gets her acting on.  Don't worry, she'll be back soon.. and in her absence we have our FIRST EVER MALE guest!  We talk all things aging (like all 40 somethings are obligated to do) Come for the creams, tinctures, potions, concoctions, and serum recommendations, stay for the rousing rendition of "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go".