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Ep. 60 - Powdered Sugar Grandma
2018 Dec 142h 38m 16s
Friday 12-14-18 – Pinkman fills in for Jack as producer. We smoke a great cigar for embers only. We talking weddings and kissing dead people. Rauce tells us about some painful no's for Rauce thoughts.
PPP - Stacy's Diary 2018
2018 Nov 265m 35s
Stacy submits a 2018 version of Stacy's Diary for the Phinal Philips Phile. Here is the full version.
2018 Nov 222h 44m 46s
11-21-18 - The Phinal Philips Phile – A Tribute to Jim Philips. We hear from many members of the show from the past until today including Moira, Miss B, Pinkman, Fritz, Drew Garabo, Jana Banana, Wanzie, Doug, Bill Keevan, Stacy, Scott Maxwell, Pat Clarke, Mike Bianchi, Shot Dr., Marc Daniels, Angel, Carlos Russ, Jimmy, Shawn, Sabrina C-Lane, Linda Byrd, Chris Kampmeier, Chris Mad-Dog Russo, Brad, Steve Kramer, Katherine Brown, Joseph Martens, Daniel Dennis, Brian Walton, Dan Stone, Savannah, Eddie the Shaman, Jack, Big Daddy and we will also hear from the man who founded this program, was the patriarch of this radio station, and the voice of central Florida for more than 30 years, Jim Philips.
PPP - Catherine Philips Interview
2018 Nov 216m 41s
Phinal Philips Phile - Jim's wife Catherine Philips talks about what it is like to be married to a radio icon.
PPP - Eddie the Shaman Interview
2018 Nov 216m 48s
Phinal Philips Phile - Eddie the Shaman talks about his 22 year run of trying get our chakra's aligned on the Philips Phile.
PPP - Doug Bowser Interview
2018 Nov 217m 53s
Phinal Philips Phile - Doug Bowser talks about doing movie reviews for 20 years on the Philips Phile.
PPP - Michael Wanzie Interview
2018 Nov 2116m 24s
Phinal Philips Phile - Michael Wanzie talks about being on the Philips Phile and working with Jim Philips.
PPP - Pinkman and Fritz
2018 Nov 2110m 6s
Phinal Philips Phile - Pinkman and Fritz interview each other about their time on the Philips Phile.
PPP - Steven Kramer Interview
2018 Nov 218m 21s
Phinal Philips Phile - Attorney Steven Kramer talks about being on the Philips Phile with Jim Philips.
PPP - Dan Stone on Jim Philips
2018 Nov 211m 40s
Phinal Philips Phile - Creative services director of Real Radio Dan Stone tells a Jim Philips story from Miss Monster.