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Welcome to Herbs, Acupuncture and Everything Else. In this podcast, Herbalist Emma, chats about all things alternative medicine, self care, and different ways to stay healthy and happy!


Trauma Informed Healing w/ Backwards through the Fire
2020 Jul 1642m 39s
Join us this week for a deep dive into Trauma Informed Healing, meditation, Qi Gong, and Psychedelic Therapy with Emily.
Empowering and Decolonizing Birth with HandHeld Doula
2020 May 101h 37s
Join us this week for a beautiful exploration of traditional birthing methods and postpartum care with Nilo, Hand Held Doula.
Ancestral Healing and Plant Medicine with Lakay Lune
2020 Apr 2545m 27s
In this episode we welcome practicing healer, educator, herbalist, and writer. She is currently studying to be a psychotherapist, and has a herbal buisness in Brooklyn. Lune beautifully weaves her ancestral knowledge of Haitian mysticism and plant medicine with her academic and teaching background to create a truly unique buisness and community model of healing.
Period Poverty, Endometriosis, and Reproductive Sovereignty with Moonli Woman
2020 Mar 1842m 50s
Join Moonli Woman, an Australian Functional Nutritionist, Reproductive Educator and Advocate, and Emma the Herbalist while they explore the topics of Period Poverty, Informed Consent, Endometriosis, and Reproductive Sovereignty on this episode of Herbs, Acupuncture, and Everything Else.
Accessible Plant Medicine With Essence the Herbalist
2020 Feb 1144m 8s
Join us in our deep dive into accessible herbal medicine with American Herbalist Essence. Essence the Herbalist is a teacher, practitioner, and entrepreneur with a speciality in female reproductive herbalism, nutrition, and self empowerment.
Healing Cervical Dysplasia: Taking Back Our Health with Denell Nawrocki
2020 Jan 2946m 9s
In this episode, we explore how to heal Cervical Dysplasia,  and HPV with renowned author and womens health coach Denell Nawrocki. After healing her own severe cervical dysplasia, and jumping into a life long healing journey, Denell is what I would call a renegade womens health advocate. Spreading vital information on how we can heal our bodies, for ourselves, and how we can make medical decisions that aren't based out of fear or societal pressure.
Integrative Complementary Medicine and Decolonization with Nathan Olanday, CNPA, RHN, DOMP
2019 Apr 0548m 1s
In this episode we will be exploring the importance of integrative complementary medicine with Nathan Olanday, an a amazing practitioner of nutrition, osteopathy, and functional medicine. We chat about decolonizing complementary medicine, and ways we can be our most inclusive and well rounded selves.
Diving Deep into Fertility with Dr. Clara Bitcon.
2019 Mar 1259m 9s
In this amazing episode, I was given the chance to interview Naturopath, Herbalist and Fertility Coach, Dr. Clara Bitcon. We discuss everything from how to connect to one's body and menstrual cycle, approaches to natural fertility and family planning., and herbal remedies. To find out more about the amazing Clara, check out her website https://www.mediatrixwellness.com.au/, or visit her on instagram @clarabitcon.
All about wildcrafting, nature education, and being an ethical harvester!
2019 Feb 1955m 46s
In that episode, Herbalist and nature educator Cherianne, takes us through her journey of nature connection, wild crafting herbal medicine, and making wild medicine!
Deep Intuitive Healing ft. Lisa O’Conner CHN
2019 Jan 2958m 41s
In this episode we discuss deep intuitive healing with Certified Holistic Nutritionist, And Skin Coach, Lisa O’Conner. We discuss her journey with Lyme disease, and what is means to intuitively and deeply heal.