The Unconventional Path: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Stories and Ideas With Bela and Mike
  • Bela Musits and Mike Wasserman
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Come take a journey with us to explore how to build and grow your business in today’s global marketplace. In each episode, we try to capture and share the essence of how interesting people sometimes take unconventional paths to build their business (some succeed, some don’t). We will delve into how they get their inspiration, drive, and persistence to start and grow their enterprise. You will hear the ups and downs, the challenges, and the struggles first hand. Listen to successful entrepreneurs who you never heard of discuss their successful businesses you never heard of. These are conversations with entrepreneurs who are just like us, ones we can all relate to. The world is full of successful, enterprising entrepreneurs, help us find them and bring them to you. New episodes every week. Send us your questions or comments at We will answer listener questions in our podcast.


EP-100 Our 100th Show
2020 Aug 3117m 21s
We did it, we hit 100 podcasts! It took a bit over two years to get here and it's been a blast. Getting to 100 is a significant milestone in the podcasting world. In this episode, we reflect a bit on things we have learned and make a few observations. We then discuss taking the podcast through a pivot and changing things up for the future.
EP-99 Bela and Mike Interview Each Other
2020 Aug 2442m 52s
Today we are going to do something different. Mike and I are going to interview each other. We thought it would be a bit of fun for each of us to share some of our background and history with you, our listeners. Hope you enjoy it!
EP-98 Doug Weisz - Evergreen Subaru
2020 Aug 1757m 45s
What happens when best friends start a business, with little preparation, scarce resources, but a lot of big ideas and energy? It is not always smooth sailing, but according to our guest this week, that's all part of the fun of entrepreneurship. This week's guest is Doug Weisz. Doug is Owner/General Manager of Evergreen Subaru, in Auburn Maine, and, not coincidentally, Mike's best friend for 40 years.
EP-97 Dean Iacovetti - Vanta partners
2020 Aug 101h 4m 32s
This week's guest is Dean Iacovetti. Dean is the founder of Vanta Partners. His company finds talent for other small to medium size companies. He started his career as a recruiter in larger companies and then took the big step of starting his own business.
EP-96 Stephen Halasnik - Managing Partner of Financing Solutions.
2020 Aug 0357m 55s
Today we are excited to be joined by Stephen Halasnik. Stephen is Managing Partner of Financing Solutions, which provides financing to small businesses. He is also a serial entrepreneur, podcast host, and author of the book CRASH and LEARN: Lessons in Business.
EP-95 Mike Saccocio: Executive Director - City Mission of Schenectady, New York.
2020 Jul 2750m 59s
Today we are excited to be joined by Mike Saccocio. Mike is Executive Director at the City Mission of Schenectady, New York. This was maybe our favorite interview that we have ever done. It was fascinating how Mike turned a negative into a positive with the downtown ambassador program. Just pure genius. A complete win-win. When we look at the social unrest in the US, and the wide range of causes of the social problems that we see throughout the US, this kind of innovation needs to be multiplied in every city and town across the country. Put down your phone and help be part of the solutions. Not just in terms of the homeless, but so many issues related to prejudice, addiction, health and nutrition, education, and domestic violence. There are so many complex problems. The world needs more people to think and act like Mike.
EP-94 Janis Milham - Senior Vice President and Global Brand Leader at Marriott
2020 Jul 201h 1m 23s
Today we are excited to be joined by Janis Milham. Janis is the Senior Vice President and Global Brand Leader at Marriott. She is responsible for several of Marriott's major brands including Courtyard, Fairfield, Four Points, Residence Inn, and several others. We had a great conversation about the importance of building your brand and how successful brands maintain customer loyalty.
EP-93 Franz Amussen - Angel Investor, co-founder Iron Gate Global Advisors
2020 Jul 131h 9m 26s
Today we are excited to be joined by Franz Amussen. Franz is an entrepreneur, a financial advisor, an avid podcaster, and a sailor. Franz is a co-founder of Amussen Hunsaker & Associates, Inc., now called Iron Gate Global Advisors, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is also an active angel investor and produces several podcasts including one of my favorite sailing podcasts titled Sailing the Mediterranean and Beyond
EP-92 Henry Daas - Author of FQ: Financial Intelligence
2020 Jul 061h 6m 11s
Today we are excited to be joined by Henry Daas. Henry is a serial entrepreneur, author, and coach for entrepreneurs. His approach to coaching is one that is customized to each client. His book is called FQ: Financial Intelligence.
EP-91 Magda Khalifa - Founder Triangle Fragrance and Author
2020 Jun 291h 2m 5s
Today we are excited to be joined by Magda (Khelifa) Khalifa. Magda is the founder of a line of fragrances called Triangle Fragrance. But, her path to becoming an entrepreneur was definitely unconventional. Magda founded her business after serving in the US military, and authored the book American DREAM: Discipline, Resilience, Endurance, Adaptability, and Mentorship to Succeed and Win in Life.