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Amy Yancy is an intuitive coach from California. Join her for lots of manifestation, law of attraction, intuition, money & abundance, goal setting, business, creativity, and dating & romance wisdom. When you're ready to achieve your wildest dreams, schedule your session:


Guidance for Living a Prosperous Life
2020 Sep 2336m
Living a prosperous life starts within. Here is some guidance to help you journey to the life you truly desire. You are so worthy. To join Abundance for All or sign up for the Massive Result Intuitive Coaching Package:
When Giving It Your All Doesn't Work
2020 Sep 2230m
Are you giving it your all and it's not feeling good? We are taught to do our best, but what happens when doing your best is not creating the result you desire? Here are my suggestions for how to shift your energy so you get what you want with ease. Information on Abundance for All and the Massive Result Intuitive Coaching Package can be found here:
Overcome Fear + Indecisiveness
2020 Sep 2115m
You know it's time to move forward, but you are stuck. Fear and indecisiveness are getting in the way of your intuitive knowing of what is right for you. This show will help you gain control of your life again. To learn more about my Massive Result Intuitive Coaching Package:
My Secret for Becoming a Vibrational Match to What You Desire
2020 Sep 1923m
Here is my secret for using the Law of Attraction to become a vibrational match to what you desire. In this show, I share my process for attracting exactly what I want. Learn more about my services:
Become a Magnet for Money and All You Desire
2020 Sep 1110m
Here is an easier way to become a magnet for all you desire.To learn more about my new program Abundance for All:
A Simple Way to Attract More Money
2020 Sep 1012m
Your life is a mirror. Here is a simple tip for what to reflect into the Cosmos to attract more money into your life. For information on my new program Abundance for All visit:
The Myth of Working Hard
2020 Sep 0517m
Living a life of abundance does not require that you work hard. :) To learn more about my program, Aundance for All:
Does All this Personal Development Work?
2020 Sep 0432m
If you listen to this program regularly, you have probably have had a moment when you are like: Does all this personal development work? In this show, I will help you get clear about how best to use personal development and self-work for your greater good. Information on the Massive Result Intuitive Coaching Package can be found here:
Self-Love and Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams
2020 Aug 2935m
Self-love is the energy that plays behind the scenes of our hopes, wants, desires, and dreams. When your self-love is low, your manifestations never feel like the right fit. This show will teach you some simple shifts you can make to love yourself more. To learn more about my Massive Result Intuitive Coaching Package:
How to Cut Energetic Cords
2020 Aug 2615m
I felt inspired to share some energetic and spiritual practices you can use to live your best life.