Insurance in your Words
  • Joey Giangola
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What Happens When You Don't Own the Relationship?
2019 Sep 0515m 1s
It just means you have more time to make sure you eventually do.
Have You Found a Community That Encourages the Best?
2019 Sep 0314m 54s
If you have then you know how powerful it can be to see something done first.
Can You Effectively Document in the Most Authentic Way?
2019 Aug 2915m 29s
It's easy to dismiss the idea of constantly capturing your expertise for future distribution.
How Stable Does Your Mindset Shift Have To Be?
2019 Aug 2715m 3s
There's definitely an argument to be made for constantly trying to stabilize every big change you make.
How to Be the Only Thing People Talk About (Part II)
2019 Aug 2215m 38s
Starts by committing to something on a level that most would consider too risky or downright impossible.
Will Your Content Help Make More Family Time?
2019 Aug 2017m 22s
It definitely should if you can figure out a way to make sure everyone has a chance to see it before they talk to you.
How to Prevent Successful Producers From Escaping
2019 Aug 1516m 27s
Might start with a conversation about expectations and how far your agency is willing to go to match them.
Do You Have Enough Patience For Your Crazy Ideas?
2019 Aug 1313m 42s
If you're committed to playing the long game sometimes you need to wait a few years before something will work.
When You Figure Out You Need More Videos
2019 Aug 0816m 12s
Because at the end of the day that might be the only thing you need for people to find you.
Do You Need to Pay For Your Website Every Month?
2019 Aug 0613m 5s
That depends on what's included in the total package.