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Sermon 9/20/20
2020 Sep 20
1 Kings 18:1-16
Admitting When it's Hard
2020 Sep 13
As Christians, it's common to feel that we should never complain about our difficulties given the grace that God has shown us in our lives. We justify our hardships by telling ourselves that "it could be worse", but does this mean that we should never be complaining about our hardships to God? Today, Pastor Ulysses tackles how this question is answered in the closing verses of 1 Kings 17, and how we should view no hardship as being too insignificant to bring forth to God.
Faithfully Generous
2020 Sep 06
These are challenging days, and we might feel tired, empty, or uncertain of what's to come. It's tempting and easy to retreat back into your own life when there's just enough energy to care about yourself. But, Jesus tells us not to be anxious about our own needs, but to seek first His kingdom. This week, Pastor Ulysses encourages us to be generous and give to God first. Even in times when we feel we are lacking, when we sacrifice boldly in faith, God provides lovingly and abundantly.
Living Faith
2020 Aug 30
As another week passes, we find ourselves faced with an ever-growing set of new challenges and crises in the world. It's times like these when we need to remind ourselves of how we always have God's provision on our side. When doors close, God is always opening new ones for us to walk through and experience more of Him. This week, Pastor Ulysses preaches on how we should seek God with humility and faith, and in doing so, how we can become more aware of God's perfect provision in our day-to-day lives.
Above the Waves
2020 Aug 23
There have been so many troubling and trying events during 2020. Does God know what's going on? And if he does, why doesn't He just stop and fix it? This week, Pastor Ulyssess shares about the difficulty to trust God when it seems like he isn't there or isn't doing anything to heal our pain. Though he does see us and know us, sometimes he doesn't make the suffering go away, and we need to come to terms with why he allows such difficulty to continue.
Part of the Crowd
2020 Aug 16
The life of a Christian often looks like this: going to church on Sundays, attending weekly prayer meeting on Tuesday, spending time with your community group every week, and praying/reading the Bible on your own time. However, is this enough? It's easy to develop religious routines and habits, but to follow God, it's not adequate to simply just be around Jesus. This week, Pastor Ulysses preaches on the topic of approaching God with faith and how we are to pursue Him not out of routine like the rest of the crowd, but out of a steadfast and true desire to seek more of Him.
God of Wrath
2020 Aug 09
How do you respond when you hear that God is a God of wrath? Many find this conflicts with their view of Jesus as kind and loving. However, the God of the Old Testament was also full of love and mercy, and Jesus often showed righteous anger against sin. This week Pastor Ulysses teaches that God is both wrathful and loving, and his character is contant and unchanging. In fact, God's wrath toward sin helps us see clearly His holiness and appreciate Jesus's work on the Cross.
What is Truth?
2020 Aug 02
"What is truth?" - Pontius Pilate asks this question to Jesus prior to his death, and it's a question that's essential to Christianity. The bible teaches us that our God is the god of truth, which is important because it provides the basis for all the rules of morality that come with our following of Jesus. Today, Pastor Ulysses expands upon this as he preaches about how we as christians are called to live out this ideal of truth, from how we live our own lives to how we act towards others.
God's Goodness
2020 Jul 19
As the pandemic continues to find new ways of disrupting our day to day lives, it’s clear that we as a society are living through many hardships. It’s during times like these when we are called to lean into God’s goodness, but what exactly does that look like? Today, Pastor Ulysses preaches on this through the lens of David’s time running from Saul, reminding us of the importance in taking refuge in God’s goodness during times of crisis.
2020 Jul 12
What is the difference between church attendance and church membership? The Bible may not explicitly talk about membership, but it can be a helpful and practical process to intentionally become a part of a local church family. This week, Pastor Ulysses goes through several reasons for church membership and why Christians today are encouraged to make a formal declaration of their belonging to a community.